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  1. Hey, we actually already got approved and have green card. According to the whatsapp group im in, Detroit is one of the fastest field offices which is where our interview was. We did not expedite the case.
  2. Hey guys. I just checked my case status and it says our interview has been scheduled but it does not mention the date. Is there any way I can call and speak with a live agent that will tell me the date? We are waiting for the letter in the mail but anxious to know the interview date, lol.
  3. Hey, I actually did not expedite, it is a normal case. Now we wait for interview!
  4. 6/24/21 NOA 1 Received 7/26/21 had biometric appointment and successfully completed that.
  5. I also wonder the same thing, maybe show proof of the tracking number for the package you sent and whoever is concerned can call the uscis. However, you shouldn't have anybody questioning his legal status either way
  6. Hello Angela, I have heard that he is still legal even though his stamp expires, as long as his aos is pending it is ok for him to stay in US
  7. Dang, i completely skipped that form. I used this guide and it does not mention that. My wife arrived here on a K1 Visa so I wouldn't have to fole that form correct?
  8. Thanks, I went by the AOS guide on this website but I didn't see anywhere where it mentioned us citizenship proof. I must've overlooked it.
  9. Hello everyone, I sent my AOS package on 6/14 and it was delivered on 6/16. However, I forgot to include my (us citizens) proof of citizenship. We are filing aos based on k1 visa marriage. Am I going to get an RFE? That is the one thing I forgot to include.
  10. This is true! Looks like all cases will be transferred to CDMX
  11. Thank you! We picked up the visa on 5/3. Shipped very fast
  12. Hello all, our visa was approved today in CDMX, should receive in mail in 5-7 days.
  13. Hello all, our visa was approved today in CDMX, should receive in mail in 5-7 days.
  14. We just got confirmation of appointment on April 28th in CDMX
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