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  1. No. It's still 4 years for me to have norwegian citizenship.
  2. Yes I legally reside here with permanent residency status. Thanks for your advice. :)
  3. Hi, I'm a Filipino citizen, living here in Norway. I just want to ask for some guidance about my current situation. I'm divorced here in Norway and my US citizen fiancé wants to file K1. Do I need to move back to the PH or can we start the process while I am here in Norway? Or would it be easier if we get married here in Norway and file for a spousal visa instead? Thanks so much for answering in advance.
  4. Yes you're right that I-129F petition was approved, that time I found out he was cheating on me and broke up with him, I didn't show up in the interview. I tried to reach out to my ex to formally withdraw the petition but he just wouldn't.
  5. I have been previously engaged to a US citizen in 2013, had my k1 visa approved that time. I didn't go through the K1 interview because I broke up with my ex, I am wondering if it will be a problem for my new application (new fiance) ? Thanks in advance for any input.
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