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    Queens, NY filer
    Came with F1 and currently out of status.
    Married to USC in 2014
    Sent i 485, i 130, i 765, i 693 to Chicago Lockbox

    8/28/2019: Priority date
    9/03: I-797C from NBC
    9/06: Biometrics appointment received
    9/24: Biometrics done
    9/27: USCIS website- “case was updated to show all fingerprints were taken and case is in process”
    10/17: Courtesy letter for i693
    no update or change in online till today oct 23rd.
    11/20: online status changed as “case is ready to be scheduled for interview “

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  1. Just wanna give my update. On dec 10th My i485 updated to “Interview was scheduled “, didn’t get the mail yet, we are shocked and surprised, I am queens, New York filer where usual timeline is 14-21 months, but it’s been 3and half months only, we didn’t prepare any documents, pictures yet for interview as we didn’t expect it that early, Yesterday December 12th i765 changed “new card is being produced”, today it changed to “case was approved”. Yet I didn’t get the update of new card is mailed, do you guys know how long it will take? my pd was August 27th.
  2. Hello everyone! I saw there was a similar thread for 2018 but I couldn't find one for 2019. Would you be interested in following the progress of other New York filers? Let’s share each other’s timeline, experiences, EAD,AP experiences. As it’s a long journey for New Yorkers than other states, I think it will help to relief some stress. Anyway I am August,2019 filer. Still didn’t receive any EAD/AP up until December 3rd. i485 online status is ready to be scheduled for interview since November. Anyway share your experiences guys!
  3. Did you send the supporting documents that proves the source of income. My husband's income was low, so we had a co sponsor and We sent pay stub of last 1 month and w2 of co sponsor according to our lawyer's suggestion and we had no RFE and now case is ready to be scheduled for interview.
  4. We husband wife were silent member for long and watching other’s posts and comments. We are also an August filer from queens New York. Applied marriage based i130,i485, i765,i131 through attorney. They sent package somewhere after mid August. We needed co sponsor as my husband’s income is below the line. Received receipt on September 3rd, My pd August 28, 2019. Received biometric appointment letter 3 days after on September 6th, did fingerprint in September 24th, online status charged to all fingerprints were taken on September 27th, till than no change of online status. I130 status is still case was received. Also got the courtesy letter for i693 few days back on 17th oct. But nothing changed in online till then. We are so impatient. My husband (USC) is more tensed than me lol. He discuss about it every single day, check status, mailbox, I told him not to be so stress cause it’s not gonna help. We are little scared because I don’t have social security and we don’t have much joint documents together except rent lease. Also we are married for 5.5 years still don’t have kids because my husband is still studying and we don’t have steady financial situation. We are thinking about kid after a year when his graduation will be done and will have a good job and we can buy a house and secure a good future for our kids. I hope not having kids will be a big issue. I hope everything will be good. Pray for us guys.
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