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  1. Are you asking about the CR1/IR1 Visa?
  2. I'm not the kind of person who watch this kind of thing. You have a big imagination. Have a good weekend. 😘😘
  3. She can do whatever she wants! She is not obligated to marry! She can decided not do it and done.
  4. Wow. He sounds really childish! I'm sorry. He is the person who is paying for everything? Find the most expensive place in your town and send him the bill hahaha I don't know all your storie but is good take time during the 90 days to be sure if you really want to marry someone. IJS. hhaha Good luck
  5. I got it and I understand you. All Visa process are complicated and a lot of time makes no sense!! Maybe some of the people who have more experience here in the VJ will answer you with some good tips.
  6. Hi there, "Spouse visa for visit" don't exist. You have immigrant visa and non immigrant visa. De B1 B2 are the non immigrant he can have it but sound like the CO don't believe that he will not go to US just for visit. How long he is being working in the same place? He is a student like you? He is too young? They now you guys have a relationship and because you are a student and will be going back to the US, sound (for the CO) you will be coming back forever. It's complicated to your family visit you in France? Maybe is a better option. If you apply for a K1 and don't be married will not cause big problems, because people have 90 days to decided about get married or not. But your intentions is not get the visa to get married so probably is not the best option. Lie is never a good idea. Best wishes.
  7. Hi there. You can look in the website https://www.panamatramita.gob.pa/es/tramite/solicitud-de-récord-policivo They have a phone too there, so maybe she can call and ask for more information. Good luck
  8. Hi there. In Buenos Aires they did the same with me, so don't worry. Probably they have the sa.r procedure there. By the way, after I have my Visa they didn't give me nothing more than my passport. The CO told me "Everything is online now, you don't need to present nothing else, just passport!". And was like that. Good luck
  9. Nothing wrong. You just need to be patient and wait. Remember that is Thanksgiving and the Embassy was not working, so probably will take just a few more days until you have your visa. Congrats.
  10. Yes. Like @Jorgedig says. I did the CR1 Visa and they never asked such thing to my husband
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