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  1. I think that with him being your husband already you have a fighting chance to be reunited, I would ask anyways the source (Bundespolizei) to be on the safe side. If things are not going well for him in the US, things might get even harder when you arrive there, need to adjust and look for a job etc if you can even pass the financial requirements and get the visa. I think the most important thing is that you're happy and safe together and if there is a way for you to avoid putting more strain on the relationship and him since he is not having a good moment, I would go for it.
  2. Hello, late to join the party but we also got approved exceptionally fast! On the seventh of May we received an rfe, submitted the translation missing and now also we are at NVC! Wish you guys the best of luck! There is a lot to prepare now.. we were just wishfully thinking too the process might speed up! Hoping there won't be too much backlog for interviews. Anyone here with the Naples embassy?
  3. I feel you two too! It really is unnerving when you file and think it's done, but actually have to prepare for the long wait when all you want to do is to reunite finally.. let's support each other and try and look at the positive side! Sending you all also good and "we can do it" vibes!
  4. Is your spouse a USC? I think right now, even if I know how frustrating that is, buckle down. Filing and preparing the papers at the best of your abilities is the power you had in this process. Maybe look into a k3 visa possibility to see if that could work for you, even though it's become a rarity and it's unclear if it will effectively boost the petition..
  5. Hello, I finally found this thread! We also filed online on the 13th and got Nebraska.. We were also pretty low these days because of the waiting list and the waiting times that seem to be getting longer! Right now we kinda accepted our lot and trying to hang in there but really don't know what to expect.. I think the new rulings have lengthened the process somehow
  6. Hello, sorry if this question was already asked but I am not sure we will be affected by this rule? We applied just last January with an I 130
  7. Hi! Newbie as well, following this. I saw that limitation too, maybe try calling the general contact number? Or put as end date the date you are filing, since they are also writing that the first employment you put is your current one, as otherwise you would need to state that you are unemployed in the first line.
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