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  1. Hello, I have the same question. My visa expires on July 14 and I've read in some website that is possible that the Visa gets extended another 4 months by the consulate if you explain the reasons and keep the intent to marry your fiance/e (before traveling to the US though if you traveled 90 days are a different story) The consulate of my country is closed at the moment. And I really wanted to ask for an extension of my approved K1 visa. Have anyone done this before? Is it possible as many websites and lawyers says? I would highly appreciate your experiences on this topic. Wasn't sure about starting a new topic or reply on this one. Thanks
  2. Hi, I got an email from the US embassy in Chile, saying I need to fill the DS-160 form and also schedule the interview. The only date avaible is Jan 17, which makes me nervous since is December 23 already. Tried to get another date but they said I would need to wait until March to get another appointment if I wanted. Can't wait that long because my contract ends up in February and I rather have a job at the interview moment. My question is: How long does it takes to get the medical examination results to give in the interview? Does anyone know what is the cost of the gonorrea exam and other extra as vaccines? Since I dont have any document that certifies that I have my vaccines, I think I will have to get them all so I'm trying to figure out the cost it will have. The doctor's secretary did not give much information when I asked about all this. Thanks in advance!
  3. Approval Notice Valid from 8/23/2019 to 12/22/2019 Actual Received Date in Mail: 9/3/2019 Case Type: I129F - Petition for Fiance(e) Petitioner: Citizen from U.S. Beneficiary: Santiago, Chile Hello, My fiance and I have received our NOA2 (I-797), after 4 weeks he called NVC like the letter stated in case we didn't hear anything back. My fiance called the NVC to ask about the case number, but they said to wait 6 weeks instead in hope of some mail/email. After 6 weeks have passed he called once again and they still didn't have my receipt number on file. This time they told him to email nvcresearch@state.gov and the response time is for an undetermined amount of time. He sent the NVC Research team an email with my receipt number in the title and attached our NOA2 letter that we received from USCIS. My questions are as follows: -Should he receive an email reply from the NVC regarding his research team email just to indicate they have received it? -Can he contact the USCIS to send a copy of the approval to NVC if possible? -Is there a way to call the NVC Research team directly in regards to finding my case? -I’m worried about the approval valid time period I have left considering the research team could take months and we only have until 12/22/2019. Is this date a deadline to schedule an interview or to complete the interview? Best regards, Claudina R.
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