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  1. Hello, today with my husband we had our adjustment of status interview. The whole experience was a little bit odd and I would like to know if anyone has passed through the same experience. We had an appointment at 11:00 am and we arrived 15 minutes before. We went to the second floor and it was a little bit full but nothing too terrible. After 1 hour and 20 minutes everyone else has been called and left except us and a few new people that arrived later. We got called and after getting in and swearing in the interview started. She asked how we met and after we said it was in a game she asked us to show our faces, then she proceeded to tell me a story about a chilean that works for her ( I'm chilean too) and how he has dark skin while I don't and if we have a lot of mixture in Chile. This topic took half time of the interview. She asked about my dad date of birth, when was my medical done and if I give the envelope at the POE and if I had a copy (I said yes to both), the date of my entry to the states, plus a few questions same as the form (like if you have kill someone, bring drugs, etc.) and then said we are done and that we need to leave because she was under schedule since the last person needed a sign language interpreter and was very long. We asked if we need to show her the documents we bring, plus more evidence as pictures. She said no, if we need something you can mail it. And that was it, she did not say if it was good or not. Honestly, it was really odd, specially all the skin tone conversation. We are a real couple who dated 6 years before getting married and we went there really confident our case was strong. So far everything has been quick and we have a solid case. I just needed to vent and honestly ask if anyone have had an experience like this, if so what happened afterward. How long should we wait before we take action to call or get a lawyer? Also, has anybody had an interview where the officer didn't request any documents (beside showing the passport to prove name)? Thank you so much for reading.
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