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  1. Okay, after divorcing if I’m issued notice to leave US and I did not but later got married to a USC and file another application won’t my refusal to leave affect the petition?
  2. I came here with a visiting visa and over stayed it before getting married
  3. Is there anything I can do without going back to my country because if I do I will not be allowed entry into US again and changing status becomes even more difficult even if I get married again to a US while im back to my country
  4. Thanks SussieQQQ, also my step mom put in I-130 for me in 2016 before I got married and it still pending with uscis( says case was received till date) can that hold me here in the US after I divorce my wife since it is another pending case I have with uscis
  5. Hi, I came into US 3 years ago and got married to a US citizen last year November and my wife filed in I-130 and I-485 a month after our marriage. She got pregnant last year December and I thought she was carrying my baby but i found out another man was responsible for the pregnancy in June. We tried to make the marriage work despite what happened so I stayed in the marriage but everything wasn’t going on fine. In May we received a RFIE letter on I-485 requesting for more information on affidavit of support which we mailed to them. My wife makes less then $15k a year so my dad also stand as a sponsor. She gave birth last month and since then I have been considering a divorce because I couldn’t bear it. Last week we got another RFIE letter from USCIS on I-130 asking for more evidence of bonafide marriage. My we were trying to get the documents together my I-485 was denied. Now I intend to divorce her because she has someone else’s child while we were married and more so she now started acting up and I can not live with that most especially I can not take care of another man’s child. I know if I divorce her, the I-130 too will be dead but my question is will that affect me later on when I remarry and put in another petition in the future.
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