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  1. Thanks for all the information. Shes not unvaccinated, just doesnt have a vaccination record.
  2. I see that alot of vaccines are required for an immigrant? Will my wife have to take vaccines at her medical exam or can she decline? And will that cause them to deny her visa? She doesnt have a vaccination record. Would prefer for her to just get them in the states when she comes.
  3. Hi, My wife and I just received our I-130 approval! We are now in the process of getting everything together to send to NVC. She is 33 weeks pregnant with our first child. He will be born around June 9-15 in Ukraine where she is, which will be long after we submit everything. Do I need to somehow add him to this later? Wait till hes born to do NVC stuff? Or just report his birth and get his United states passport and he wont need to be added and will enter america fine as a citizen? Any help is appreciated.
  4. I am married to a Ukrainian Citizen and am about to submit our I-130. Do I need to include the patronymic name as her middle name on the form? Regards, Benjamen E
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