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  1. well, in applying for a visa there is no requirement to have it recognized but then it is a requirement for one to get a certificate of no marriage. so you should have the annotation for your divorce if you have the cenomar, i think. too bad for a dual citizen filipino whose annulment has been rejected in the Philippines. Guess just need to wait for divorce to be legalized in the Philippines.
  2. The petitioner has dual citizenship, a filipino and american citizenship. The petitioner is now with a new filipino family but not yet married since the petitioner’s previous marriage with also a filipino is not yet annulled/divorced. Hope this clarifies the confusion.
  3. thank you. So let’s say a petitioner (dual citizen partner who is the married one) can file divorce in the US and then get married in Hong Kong. But then, you still need to apply Visa in PH since the other partner is a Filipino which will still need a cenomar. and that the divorce in the US wouldn’t be acknowledge in the philippines since the petitioner is a dual citizen married to a filipino. so, no chance unless divorce will be legal in the PH.
  4. Thanks! Found this. The situation would be different if the divorce abroad was obtained by a dual citizen. A dual citizen is a Filipino. The Supreme Court has ruled that “an absolute divorce secured by a Filipino married to another Filipino is contrary to our concept of public policy and morality and shall not be recognized in this jurisdiction.” Bayot vs. Court of Appeals, G.R. No. 155635, November 7, 2008
  5. Annullment was not granted so we are looking for options. Seems like we don’t have a choice but to reside in the US for months and file divorce there. Ideally of course, we want to go US as a family which means including our kids under 18. Thanks!
  6. is cenomar a requirement for a dual citizen applying for DCF or maybe fiance visa? looking at this options. thanks
  7. “You can divorce based on where you currently reside” - we are living in the PH. Does it mean I can file it from here? no need for me to stay in the US and file divorce for my PH marriage?
  8. American Citizen(dual citizen) and family living overseas out of wedlock due to marriage in the Philippines is not yet annulled. Can we get married in Hong Kong and apply for Spouse Visa or do I need to file divorce in the US for my marriage in the Philippines? If so, do I need to file it in the Philippines Court to recognized my divorce for me to be able to remarry in the Philippines. Thank you.
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