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  1. Hi! might be a dumb question... is it too early to book my fiance's flight?his police certificate is on the way. the packet with me and my cosponsors info, new evidence, etc is in England. but not delivered to my fiance just ye. medical is on June 25th. Interview is scheduled for August 10th. was thinking of booking for after the 24th of August? or do people usually wait till after the interview to book the tickets. thank you in advanced for your opinion
  2. Have seen those posts as well, am trying to get all my ducks in a row to avoid that stress. probably why I have too many questions. lol thank you again, this info plus the info on embassy site should help a ton.
  3. THANK YOU!!!! it gets a little overwhelming sometimes.. great break down. thank you
  4. yes I know, what I was asking is if I will need the letter that my fiance didn't receive from from the embassy. and if I can start the online steps without it
  5. will they ask for this letter during the process? I can just do these steps without the letter from the embassy? It says on the site to contact them if i haven't received the letter. I
  6. anyone know how to schedule an interview. my case says "ready" since April 7th. sorry, I'm just a little confused as I thought they mail you a letter with an assigned interview date.
  7. amazing!!!! so at this point we just need to wait for the letter with the appointment date. then he can schedule his medical? Can he get his police report? or just wait till the letter comes. THANK YOU!!!!! I'm going to pin the link so I know how to access the threads. I appreciate it.
  8. I have already sent all the paper work to my fiance. (affidavit of support, etc). last I checked US embassy in London is not doing interviews. at this point I am a little lost. he can't get his medical, since it is shut. anyone in this position? I'm sure we have to wait till it all re-opens. the NOA-1 expires on June 12. thanks in advance
  9. Hi, I to am in this situation. how, when and where do they collect the fee? I found the fee total on the website. will he need to bring a check to the interview? pay it online. a link could help I might have missed it on the site. thanks so much in advance
  10. does both passport photos need to be taken to the interview? thank you.
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