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  1. I hope you are right. I have been told K1 is non-immigrant with immigrant intent so let’s hope it is exempt.
  2. Yes. The interview was in July and CEAC still says “ready to schedule interview” under immigrant status and “no status” under non-immigrant.
  3. We received a call from the embassy in Beirut saying that my fiancé’s visa had been approved and requested to send the passport. We asked about the status of the associated K2 visa for my future stepson and were told that “it didn’t come” We asked why and were told that it comes from the US. My fiancé and his son both were interviews together (the boy is 5) this summer. We are concerned that the K2 May be denied but they have not yet told us that. My fiancé has full custody and has had this since his divorce 5 years ago. He is concerned that the US embassy doesn’t want to accept his custody since it was determined in a Sharia court even though his ex-wife could have asked for custody if she wanted it. She did not want it. Has anyone heard of a K1 being approved and the K2 not being approved concurrently?
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