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  1. Hi both Do you mean my Green Card interview in say six months time? If I did work out there I’d be gone for three weeks at a time and could always fly back to the U.K. if need be.
  2. Hi May be the wrong forum to ask this, apologies if so. Long story short I’ve been offered to work abroad in Australia for six months to a year. I’ll need an Australian working visa to do so. I don’t plan on moving there, it’s purely for work. Will this affect my green card application for the US at all? I can’t see it having any affect but wanted to ask. I’m F2B and at the NVC stage currently. Thanks Jonathan
  3. So is that it then? Spouses of LPR’s can’t immigrate possibly for the next five years if Trump is re-elected?
  4. Hi all It’s a long way off but just have some general questions on Citizenship. 1) If I’m an LPR and take Citizenship I assume I can leave the US for any period of time and return as I please? 2) If my spouse chooses not to take citizenship and has a Green Card for 10 years and carry that on, what happens after that? Does she just renew her green card for another 10 years? I assume then she is still subject to the six month out of the US rule and needs a valid reason to return? Thanks Jonathan
  5. My PD is October 24th 2014 and I received my I-797 notice of action last week. Currently waiting on response from NVC. Anyone around the same time and have an idea of the time scale for the interview date?
  6. Has a single DUI from three years ago so it means she can’t use the VWP. I can’t see that being an issue with the GC as they’ve already taken it into account.
  7. Hi No she would stay in the U.K. while I sponsor her. Only to enter permanently. when her F2A is approved. She would then visit using her B1/B2 to visit but not stay over her allowed time. We just want to do it all legally and correct. My questions is if I will be allowed to sponsor her under F2A as my wife or will they look at the B1/B2 and see that they contradict each other. Thanks
  8. Hi all I’ve posted on here before about this situation but I’m looking for a little more advice to clear things up. I’m currently applying to become a legal permanent resident, F2B. I live in the U.K. at the moment, also have a girlfriend here. She visits the USA on a B1/B2 VISA at the moment, she has one for 10 years. She genuinely did not have any interest in moving to the states when she got the visa. It’s not set in stone but she is considering moving out with me now instead of us breaking up. I’m still 3 years or so off my Green card. If I marry her as an Legal resident can I sponsor her under F2A if she has a B1/B2? Or will immigration see this as her lying about her tourist visa and make her ineligible for me to sponsor? Thanks Jonathan
  9. Thanks for the reply! When was your I-130 approved then? It’s strange as the date shown for processing online shows January 04 2012 which means that yours wouldn’t technically be processed by now. Are these dates not accurate for the Vermont Service Center? https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ Thanks!
  10. EDIT: I have just realised the title is wrong and that the F2B & F2A category's are not actually Visa's. Can't edit original post. My Mistake!
  11. Hi everyone! I'm looking for advice/opinions on my situation regarding my visa journey. I'll start from the beginning. I'm a 28 year old unmarried British citizen living in the UK. I was born here and have lived here all my life. I have been in the process of applying for a green card (F2B) through my father who lives in the United States. He is a permanent resident and can take US citizenship soon. He has been living there for the last 18 years. My priority date is the 21st of October 2014, so I've been waiting just over five years now. I've been keeping an eye on the visa bulletin and can see my date is passed on both the 'Final Action Dates' & 'Dates For Filing' charts. I have an immigration attorney who has told me that the next step is waiting for my I-130 to be approved. I know my application is at the Vermont service centre which currently shows the 'Receipt date for case inquiry' as June 17, 2011. I understand no one can predict the time scale on when my I-130 will be approved but does anyone have any previous experience of how long their F2B took and what I should expect? On the case processing time it shows the estimated time range as 79 to 103 months. Does that mean it could be 79 months minimum from my priority date or 103 months maximum? Does the fact the visa bulletin has passed my date speed the process up at all? Separate to all this I have a girlfriend in the UK, we don't have children and don't plan to. We have talked about the United States in the future and how we would make it work. She currently has a 10 year B1/B2 Visitor Visa she travels on when we go to visit my family in the US. The long story short is that she has a single DUI conviction from three years ago (Hence the Visitor Visa, she isn't eligible to travel under the Visa Waiver Program) but this has been taken into account. The DUI is a minor offence and she passed a medical to get her current Visa granted. We both have good jobs in the UK, she makes around 32,000 a year and I make around 25,000, she will own her own house in the UK within the next five years, not sure if it's relevant but might be worth mentioning. My questions relate to how our future may work out if she decided to come to live with me in the United States. I understand that we would make the decision to get married (After my Green Card approval) and that I could sponsor her as a Permanent Resident. She would then fall into the F2A category. My biggest concern is her criminal record. It's easy for us to say she made a stupid mistake but I understand that US Immigration won't see it that way. By the time my Green Card is approved the conviction may well be spent or at least be 6+ years old. Do you think this will have a huge impact on me sponsoring her? Keeping in mind that they have already reviewed it on her current visa and granted it for 10 years. I guess what I'm looking for is anyone with a similar experience or to tell me that our situation is actually possible! Thank you! Jonathan
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