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  1. No, we were given an envelope and we were told we were not to open it, the USCIS should.
  2. I have, all of the options I get require a receipt number, and I waited to get an agent, but no answer at all.
  3. That’s what we thought, we don’t want to wait any longer, so we’ll sign everything again today. The only problem is that we sent the medical exam on the last package, so we’ll have to get that done again. But we’re hoping it will be better than to keep waiting. We’re a step away from giving up on everything
  4. That's pretty much my situation now, my tourist visa expired on September, so now I have nothing to make my stay legal, I’m afraid of going out of the house because I’m so paranoid now. We supposedly got a lawyer to make everything easier, and well that backfired like crazy.
  5. The problem is the money, we still owe them almost $1k and they’ve done nothing but disappoint us, we don’t just have that kind of money laying around. I’m so angry
  6. I do have a tracking number, but how can I be sure it’s from MY package? I sent the email to lockbox 35 days after my package was “sent”, meaning its been 2 weeks since I sent it. What worries me is, what if they didn’t actually send the package and now they can’t send it because the stubs would be 2 months old, and that’s why they’re suggesting to send it “again”. To bad we have an agreement with them, now I feel like I could’ve send it by myself with the help of this forum.
  7. So you think 50 days is not a long time considering it usually takes 1-3 weeks to get the receipt? We’re feeling really confused, she says there’s not extra charge, all we need to do is sign all the forms again, write a new check and bring the new work payment stubs. And in the new package she will put this is the second time we’ve sent the package. I don’t know if resending will bring any problem. I mean, let’s say they did lose it, how long should we wait to actually know? Can something happen if it’s not lost and we just send a new package with a new check?
  8. My lawyer says it’s way too much time, she says the best option now is to cancel the check and re-send everything, she thinks the USCIS probably lost my papers.
  9. Sent email to lockbox on October 21, apparently they take up to 30 days to respond. Have been waiting for 50 days now for just the receipt.
  10. Same situation, but we sent package on September 16, received on September 19. Nothing cashed yet, please let me know if you’re cashed.
  11. That’s what I thought, but right now I have nothing from the USCIS to let me know if they even got my case. I’m so worried about my future here. We try to do everything according to the law, and we feel like we’re being scammed by our lawyers, and we can’t afford to have all that money to waste.
  12. Sorry, I have already done that on October 21, they said they can take up to 30 days to respond. The thing I don’t know if I should do what my lawyer said and just send the package again, I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not.
  13. Hello, So it’s been 50 days since my lawyers sent our package, and we have no response at the moment. No approval no denial, nothing. I sent an email to my lawyer asking if the package was actually sent because a read here sometimes the lawyers say they sent it but they didn’t. So today my lawyer said it was sent on September 16, and received on September 19, but she thinks it’s weird that the check hasn’t been cashed yet. She said something we could do is cancel that check and send the package again, with a new check. Do you think that’s a good idea. Also, the law office is not cheat at all, they divided our payment into 3 payments and they’re asking for the third and final payment, although we practically have nothing. We don’t know what to do, because if they’re barely paying any attention to us now that we still owe them money, what would happen when we’re all payed up?
  14. Hello, yes it included l-864 with my wife’s tax information. I have already sent an email to my lawyer to verify that the package was actually sent.
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