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    I would like to share with you the most extraordinary feeling I experiencing. It all began when James and I met one Sunday afternoon by the second of the month of May of 2005. I was beginning in the fascinating world of the internet and for me chatting was something new and fun,
    especially the part of meeting people from all over the world.
    But James from the first time i saw him in one of those chat rooms, immediately grab my attention, not only by the way he introduce himself so polite, but for showing his self so charming and loving.
    We became friends, but didn’t speak for several days later, until August of that same year.
    But when we found again we got more accounted with each other, we both notice certain chemical since the first minute, so after a while we knew and realize that this would go beyond the cyberworld, so both, although afraid of this type of relationship, got armed with courage and declared our love. Since that moment he has became the meaning of my life.
    So we planned to meet, dream that came true on August 19 of 2006. Obviously our anxiety kept us moving each day, hoping that the days would went fast...day dreaming of the moment when we could see ourselves in each others eyes rather than conforming our souls with pictures on emails, also walking beside holding hands. And that moment came true just like we imagine.
    James traveled from Gowen Michigan just to share 13 wonderful days together, and in deed there were the bests.
    But unfortunately he had to go back home, but before he left, he looked at my tearful eyes and made me a promised, he would come for me one day, so we could be together forever, our love was real!. Time has passed and now I have my interview on June 13. Soon we are going to celebrate our 2nd anniversary of online romance, but with all our future planes in mind and love in our hearts, we plan to celebrate future occasions together.
    Thank God we believed that it could become real and most of all that we believed in each others love.
    Last night he said that (just lil more while and the waiting will be over:” he keeps his promise and my heart burning, because I never stop believe. I love my man so very much.
    Just be patient and everything well be fine.

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