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  1. Very important question! My wife’s interview is in early March. I got a new job in January and I also filled my 2019 tax returns which means I have to bring an updated I-864 to the interview. My question is should I fill out the current affidavit of support form or should I wait for the new form after February 24th? Thanks!
  2. Maybe I will get a interview letter in march or a interview date in march?
  3. I got DQ 01/17/2020 when can I expect a IL? Islamabad Embassy thanks all!
  4. Hello all, Help would be much appreciated! One of my documents that I uploaded on CEAC for my wife is still showing submitted even though I uploaded it two months ago. It's for her prior J1 visa i had to upload documentation for it, however other documents that I uploaded after that have been accepted. I'm confused as to why it still shows submitted and not accepted? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I have two questions: The first question is that I received a NVC message for my marriage certificate saying "Pakistan requires more than one marriage document. Please delete any Pakistan marriage certificates and submit all of required documents together at the same time". I'm not understanding what they are asking on this message? and Also I submitted my marriage certificate and nikkah namma and they still sent me this message what should I do in this case? Second question: They sent me another message saying "please replace this with an acceptable birth certificate from a correct issuing authority". We submitted my wife's birth certificate that was from the correct issuing authority so why did I get this message? and what should I do? Thank you!
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