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  1. @Timona By List all, did you mean 1. In the main section where her name is asked, I should write: Kandeyan Fathima Amra Asif 2. In the Other Names section, I should write: Fathima amana Or did you mean just write her complete name in the main section and completly ignore the "Other Names" section
  2. @Timona no she didn't pick up my name. Those 4 are her complete name
  3. @Timona Thanks, that was helpful! Wondering if you have any insights on this - Greatly appreciated!
  4. Hello , Sorry for reposting. I did not receive enough answers on this the last time. I'm filing the I-130 form. I would really appreciate your help in answering this question. My spouse beneficiary has a mismatch between her names in her Birth Certificate vs the other documents (Passport/Marriage Certificate). In her birth certificate: Fathima Amra In her Passport / Marriage Certificate / License: Kandeyan Fathima Amra Asif My question is: 1. Do I list both names in the I-130a ? 2. I got a copy of an affadavit written by her and signed by a Justice of the peace (JP) stating that both names refer to the same person Is this enough ? Do i need to be concerned ? Thanks!
  5. @Timona The question isn't whether I WANT to enter one or both. If USCIS is requesting address history for the past 5 years, I assumed we should provide ALL addresses. Otherwise, it's an omission. Is it not ? The issue is, the beneficiary is currently living at two addresses. And the box that asks for "Date To" would then have to be marked PRESENT for both of those addresses because she lives in both of the addresses currently. The question is, should i be providing an explanation as to why the beneficiary is living in two addresses at the same time ?
  6. Yep, I grouped my documents into 4 sections, 1. I-130 and Related Items 2. Bonafide Marriage 3. Other 4. I-130A and Related Items and each group has it's colored separator sheet with TOC of that group printed on it. Each group is held together with an ACCO binder clips.
  7. In I-130A, we marked two addresses as "PRESENT" . I thought it would be helpful to provide an explanation to USCIS as to why this is the case: Here's what I'm thinking, In the Additional Information section, I'll make a comment on the specific address item as follows "This address is also marked as “PRESENT” because the spouse beneficiary lives in this address Mon-Thu (4 days) of the week due to close proximity to work. The remaining days she resides at her primary location in City, Country (Physical Address 1)" What are your thoughts ?
  8. Many recommend using a two whole puncher to punch the top of the documents use fasteners to tie them together. I'm concerned whether USCIS will consider certain documents invalid if the puncher hole cut through certain items. For instance, 1. The puncher hole cuts through the border of the copy of my naturalization certificate 2. The puncher hole cuts through a small section on the top of my original birth certificate photocopy None of this of course makes the document impossible to read and understand. However, I'm concerned they will deem it invalid. What are your thoughts ? I would definitely prefer to use the puncher and tie them together because it's a thick application!
  9. Hi, I'm the petitioner for my wife abroad. I'm running into some confusion regarding my wife's name. (I'm using a psuedo name here for privacy reasons). In her birth certificate: Amra Asif In her Passport and Drivers License: Kandeyan Fathima Amra Asif Social Media / Most people recognize her: Amra Asif In the I-130 Petition this is how I entered her name. This seems correct from what we discussed. Family Name: Asif First Name: Kandeyan Middle Name: Fathima Amra My question is, Do i need to include "Amra Asif" as a name in the "Other Names" section of the I-130a ?
  10. Thanks, I removed the staples and used paperclips to group them. The holes from the removed staples are present. Hope thats okay ?
  11. I'm going to attach all the forms punched on the top using a two holed puncher and fastened by a paper fastener. However, I have also stapled the related items together in groups (I-130 Form, Birth Certificate and Copies, Passport, etc). Is that okay ? I figured stapling the items that belong together would be safer. Would this cause any issues ?
  12. hmm, I don't want to omit information. I'm thinking of having them both as "Present" (since present refers to at the time of filing this petition). It should imply she lives in both places.
  13. I'm filling out the I-130 and here's how it look after printing (attached image). The first letter cuts too tight to the left border. But it's readable. Is this okay ?
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