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  1. Hey Jay,

    My fiance lives in south france. Do you know if the only place they do the interview is at the Embassy or do they do them at any US consulate? the reason I ask is there's a consulate one hour from her and Paris is 5 hours from her haha. If you don't know, it's cool. Just thought I'd ask



  2. Lisa, Thank you very much, really appreciate your help. So It's possible we could book in December it sounds like? As long as we already with medical and paperwork? OK make sense thank you
  3. Hello, Does anyone know the current time table for getting an interview at the Paris consulate, when approximetly the first openings are? Or how far out having to book? Is there any tips on getting an interview sooner? Calling the embassy etc? Thanks so much! Jay
  4. Hello Do I need to submit a DS160 application before scheduling an interview? For the K1 visa application? Thanks
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