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  1. Our marriage is happy and strong. As a told that we muslim can marry with christian woman and we couldn’t do anything without marriage so we had to marry because that what we wanted to do. We wanted to be together officially as a couple. We are together still. We talk every single day more than 10 hours and we both know everything about eachother. If i was greedy of greencard i would have applied for K1 which was pretty quicker than i130 but I’m not we just want to be together for the rest of the life. Her other kids love me more than their actual dad. I belong to middle class family. I never visited any country in my life and I don’t have any criminal record or anything.
  2. She filed a divorce and it took her 5 months to finalise it. And we got married when she got her divorce finalise. It means she wasn’t legally married anymore with her ex.
  3. You mean get her here in pakistan? I would love to but she can’t move here because of the children. Their study and stuffs
  4. Why would it cost me money and years? Our marriage is based on real and we have one new born baby together.
  5. Yeah came to visit me couple time and the second time she got pregnant so she couldn’t come here again. Yeah my family love her so much they accept her and her religious. Apparently in islam you can get marry with christian woman but I’m not very religious person.
  6. We have joint sponsors. We do have some age different and not the same religion
  7. Let me make you clear that my wife and her ex were living separately for 2 year. When we met she was legally married with him but living separately and they both wanted to get divorced because they both wanted to get remarry again. By the time they filed for divorce we were 3 month in relationship.
  8. What you guys talking about? This is my first marriage but my wife’s second marriage. She got divorced from her ex because he was cheating on her and she wanted to be with me. why would lie about anything. Everything is crystal clear.
  9. Yeah but what about the baby we have? we just ruined a baby’s life just so get me there. It doesn’t make any sense if you think officer will ask me this.
  10. No everything is all right. I’m just making sure. I’m just waiting for my interview. Already got my DQ in march.
  11. Could you tell me why it isn’t fine? They filled for divorce 5 month ago. It isn’t her fault that she got finalise so late.
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