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    My fiance and I met on an online game as children back in 2010, we became really close and we started our romantic long distance relationship in April 2016. We finally got to meet in June 2018 and we stayed together for 10 months and before he left back to Canada he proposed to me! We really can't wait till we can start our lives together and break the distance for good!

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  1. this might seem ridiculous but today I had to get a cashiers check from the bank to pay for the application fee and the guy typed U.S Department of Homeland Security instead of U.S. Department of Homeland Security (he left out the period after the S) will this be an issue at all I just dont want to get it sent back or anything Im not sure if its sometimes written that way or not, Im probably being silly.
  2. Thanks! I must've been reading the wrong thing. My fiance only lives in Canada so I travel by land to get to him, I dont need to travel by air.
  3. I read that the petitioner is supposed to make a copy of the front & BACK of their birth certificate but the back of my birth certificate is just plain white so it would be a blank piece of paper..so does this mean I do not need to make a copy of the back? Also I have a passport card instead of the book, it looks like an id, do I need to make a copy of the back of that or is just the front fine?
  4. also my joint sponsor is my step mother and I live with her, i heard there is a different form for household members who are sponsoring also? Im not for sure what forms I have to fill or what my stepmom fills out?
  5. I've been told I don't have to send the affidavit of support with the k1 application and that it is only needed at the interview, so do I just send the affidavit of support forms to my fiance in time for the interview? or am I supposed to mail them to the U.S. embassy? and Is there a fee for the affidavit of support forms? I have a joint sponsor so my joint sponsor and I will both be filling out the forms.
  6. I know what to put for my employment, I just am confused about how I will fill out the affidavit of support afterwards that is required at the interview...I do have a joint sponsor but I know I also have to fill out the form as well...since I haven't filed taxes for this or anything I'm a little confused.
  7. I havent been doing it long enough to file taxes yet and I do have a joint sponser I just want to know how Im supposed to fill out the employment part
  8. I'm having trouble deciding what to put down for my employment part of the application, i am the petitioner and I'm kind of a freelance artist?? I draw clothing for an online game and my virtual sales I can exchange for some real cash, but I am not actually employed by the game or anything?? I also haven't filed taxes for this yet because Ive only been doing this for about half a year now. also how do I fill it out as a freelance artist/ self employed?
  9. I'm filling out the I-129F as the petitioner and I've never been employed but I make a little money from an online game. I just started making money from this in May and I haven't filed taxes yet. I have a joint sponser for the Affidavit of Support, but I know I also have to fill one out..do I put my income as 0? and do I attach a letter explaining why I have never filed taxes? What happens if I file taxes in the middle of the process? Also what am I supposed to put for the employment part of the application? Should I put NA?
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