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  1. Hello everyone I am facing issues in CAEC after reaffirmation of my case embassy has requested to update documents which is DS-260, Civil documents and affidavit of support. But my husband is unable to upload updated affidavit of support because the old ones are still there and embassy has not open the option for uploading I-864. If anyone has information about it please let me know Do I need to contact to embassy about it or NVC?
  2. Hello everyone, My question is do I need to pay fee $325 in Islamabad embassy at the time of second time interview after case reaffirmed ?
  3. Hello everyone 1- I want to know how we can add Assets in affidavit of support and what forms do i need to fill in for Assets? 2- My husband's income this year is a lot more then poverty guideline but most recent tax year shows $2000 less then current poverty guideline, would it be appropriate to add Assets in this situation?
  4. But Which visa class is going to print at visa CR1 OR IR1 and marriage is already tow years old.
  5. Well there were lots off reasons and it took a year and my visa type is CR1
  6. Hello everyone, It has been 2.5 years since our case in processing and right now our case is in processing with US embassy during this processing our we celebrated two marriage anniversaries which means our visa class should be change from CR1 to IR1 but I don't have an idea how it will work. Do I need to contact to NVC? DO I need to request US embassy? If embassy don't respond my email about changing visa class then which visa class will be printed on visa? Please guide
  7. Yeah we haven't got a proper email from embassy yet, well thank you for help
  8. Yes my husband has all pay stubs and employer letter stating how much he is making. I'm really confuse what to do? I don't know embassy is going to ask for joint sponsor or they will accept the current situation. Hello dear did embassy or NVC asked you to file affidavit with a joint sponsor?
  9. I have already account at https://www.ustraveldocs.com/pk/index.html?firstTime=No My USCIS case status shows case has been transferred to us department of state on the date...., My case status on CEAC also has changed and my DS-260 also has opened but I didn't receive any email yet from embassy.
  10. Hello everyone my case has been reaffirmed and and sent back to department of state in Pakistan. My question how much more time embassy will take to respond and how they will inform since it's been two weeks case has been transferred ? What documents do I need to submit again ? How interview will be scheduled? If anyone had this experience must share. Thank you.
  11. Hello everyone I'm new hear I need help from you guys. My husband's most recent tax year 2018 amount is $19600 which is less than the 2019 poverty guideline amount (Around $21000). And now in 2019 my husband is making $50,000 he got permanent job. My question is here do we qualify to file affidavit of support or do we need joint sponsor, which income is department state is gonna look 2019 income or most recent tax year inform? Please everyone give your suggestion Thank you
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