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  1. Hi, My husband (US citizen) and I mailed our AOS (coming from a K1) packet on February 8th, and got our NOA on February 10th. A week later, February 18th, we got an RFE regarding Form I-864 for lack of evidence for my husband's status as a US citizen. The instructions for Form I-864 mention, on page 6: If you or your US citizen spouse have submitted any of the forms mentioned above and you're filing for AOS, submit as much evidence as you can despite the instructions telling you certain items won't be necessary.
  2. Thank you again for your response. I'm looking at the instructions and they don't specifically ask for bank statements for that section. The instructions say: Going off of your situation do you think I should provide 12 months of bank statements as evidence? Is there anything else you would suggest? Again, thank you so much! It's been overwhelming with all of these forms.
  3. Thank you very much for your response! I will be calling my employer tomorrow for a verification letter for extra evidence along with 6 months worth of paystubs.
  4. Thank you very much for your response! I went ahead and filed my taxes last night, I only had one W-2 to worry about, I printed the Form 1040 afterwards along with 6 months worth of paystubs. I plan on calling my employer tomorrow to get a verification letter from them as well for extra proof. My next question, if you would know, being as I'm only a few thousand dollars above the Poverty Guideline I feel like a safe bet to provide more evidence of stable finances is to fill out Part 7. with my assets. I don't own any real estate, just stocks. Should I provide bank statements along with my year end stock portfolio to show evidence of my numbers? Or is this entirely unneeded as I already make above the Poverty Guideline. Thanks again!
  5. Hello, I was under the false impression, for a long time, that a middle name would be a name, or multiple names, coming between a given name and a surname. My name includes 1 given name and 2 surnames (A - given; M - first surname; D - last surname). Because M comes between my first and last names, I've filled it in in forms as a middle name. The result is a mix of documents and forms with my name listed both correctly and incorrectly. My K1 paperwork all lists M as a middle name. My I-130 was filed correctly, and along with my passport, my visa therefore shows my name correctly (1 given, 2 surnames). However, my social security card shows only my first and last name, and I remember M was put down as a middle name during my appointment. Upon explaining that both M and D are surnames, the clerk seemed confused and still used M as a middle name, and told me that my SSN card would probably take longer to process due to the name inconsistencies (it did end up taking 4+ weeks instead of 2). My marriage certificate also shows M as a middle name instead of a surname. To add insult to injury, I made the same mistake with my parents' names, though I assume that won't matter much. Now, I understand that I need to request amendments to both the SS card and the marriage certificate, but the problem is we're filing the AOS this coming week, as my 90 day deadline is approaching, and we might not be able to get these amendments done in time. Will I run into problems if I file the I-485 with my correct name, despite these inconsistencies? I've considered: - owning the mistake for now and filing my AOS forms with my first surname as a middle name, and correct everything later; or - file the paperwork now with my correct name and hope I don't get an RFE or worse due to differences between forms, SS card and marriage certificate; or - get amendments done now and file the AOS packet after the 90 day deadline (after which I'll be out of status, which scares me). I have done a lot of reading regarding this issue here on VJ, and have come across quite a few people with the same issue, but I haven't come to a solution I feel confident about. I'm extremely worried about this and would appreciate help or hearing about similar stories and how it went down for you. Thank you!
  6. Hello, I'm filling my i-485 form and have a question regarding the SSN questions under part 1. I've already applied and received my SSN and have accordingly filled in that information in the form. However, right under where the SSN goes (item 15.), there's item 16. which reads "Do you want the SSA to issue you a Social Security card?". I've read the instructions for the form, which say: The only reasons I can find for requesting a replacement now are a name change after marriage (which I won't be doing for the time being), or the disclaimer on my current card reading "valid for work only with DHS authorization". I'm assuming a replacement after AOS approval won't include that disclaimer. Should I then mark item 16. with "Yes" and request a replacement card?
  7. Hey all, my wife and I are currently working on the Adjustment Of Status packet. The most recent tax transcripts that are available are for 2020 as this tax season doesn't end until April. In 2020, I only made $2000 over the 125% Poverty Guideline of $21,775 which is nice to see but doesn't seem like enough to me. However, in 2021, I made $6000 over the guideline which is definitely better than $2000. The thing is, is that the $6000 can't be reflected in my tax transcripts as 2020 is still the most recent tax year. If I provide pay stubs from lets say the last 6 months showing that I've made $6000 over the guideline along with a statement from my bank of how much I have in my checking and saving account, do you think that that would be enough for us not to need a joint sponsor? My brother said he would be our joint sponsor if we need one so we have that covered but we'd like to do it without a sponsor if possible. Let me know your thoughts and if you think we'll be okay, thanks!
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