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  1. Hello Maym. I saw in the forum that you recently have received your interview date. I have a question about the marriage certificate if you happen to know. I have gotten the new bilingual marriage and birth certificates and stamped by the ministry of foreign affairs and uploaded to NVC. Do you happen to know if this marriage certificate needs authenticated at the embassy for the interview or for immigration to the US or not? Or have you used another certificate.


    Sorry to bother you! I appreciate any help :)

  2. I though I congratulated you loool but it didn't post... congratulations!!! You didn't get the letter yet?!
  3. Hey!! What was your DQ date? And what is you're interview date scheduled for
  4. I'm August 30th and I think @EUROPEAN MODEL is August 8th I'm praying it is. Last month they didn't send anything so I don't understand what they are doing
  5. Nothing yet. Inshallah we will hear good news this month 🙏🙏 Ya rab ya Kareem
  6. I originally thought so but now it's nearing the end of the month and we haven't heard anything so I honestly don't know why they haven't sent anything this month. Do you know anyone who was after July 15 who got anything this month?
  7. Nope. You're the first person who should get the letter so you would tell us if there's anything new. Patience it will all happen in its own time
  8. Nope. Nothing... Still praying 🙏🙏
  9. Nope, nothing yet praying and hoping. You're CR1/IR1 right?
  10. OH I thought you got your interview letter... That email is just telling you to wait just like you have been doing
  11. I didn't get my interview letter yet I'm still waiting. But did you get your interview letter yesterday or are you still waiting for it. If you got the letter yesterday then it will update saying "ready" instead of "at NVC"
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