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  1. My mother got her interview schedule the next day as my father’s. They’re both senior citizen. Has anyone tried asking USCIS if they could reschedule like on the same day? They’d be travelling from Petaluma to San Francisco... Thank you!
  2. Hi! Finally, my Father has interview scheduled on May 24th. Service Center is San Francisco, CA. PD is Feb 14, 2020. That's 1 year and 2 months (437 days). My mom with same PD did not receive any update yet. How long will my father receive his certificate of citizenship after interview date given he will pass the test? Thank you!
  3. One more thing, they had their biometrics in Santa Rosa.. would that still be the same field office for their interview? I just checked their documents in uscis online.
  4. Thank you! What is the basis for the field office? I read somewhere its the zip code. Is that true for you as well?
  5. Wow! That's good. Hopefully they will also receive a notification from USCIS.
  6. Hi! Your have same month of application with my parents. I was wondering if you applied by mail or online? My parents case number starts with an IOE. And they are in Petaluma, CA. The closest field offife would be in SFO. Thank you.
  7. Hi! I am asking in behalf of my parents Citizenship application. They filed Feb 11, 2020 and had their biometrics last March 2, 2020. Their Case number starts with an IOE. I was wondering what would be the basis of the service center. They are in Petaluma, California. Thank you.
  8. For now, it’s hard to tell since the VB isn’t moving much. Since last year, Chart A only moved for 14 days. Hope the rate moves faster as the months come by.
  9. Thank you! It’s difficult to get new PC because of the restrictions entering the establishment. The queue gets long too so you need a whole day for that.
  10. Thank you. The message on ceac about police clearance is that “It will expire within 6 month, to prevent delays during the interview, please bring a renewed copy.” My police clearance will expire on March 2021. But it is already on “ACCEPTED” status. So I guess I just need to provide a recent one when I already have an interview schedule.
  11. Hello. Good day. Recently, my docs were ACCEPTED at NVC but lacking one document. I already submitted it and maybe wait for another 2 months to become DQ. There’s also a note on my police clearance (NBI) that will be expired within 6 months. But it was marked accepted on the ceac portal. Do I also need to submit a renewed NBI clearance in order to become DQ? Thank you!
  12. Hello. May I ask when can we request for expedite? Is it before DQ or after DQ? Thanks
  13. Of course given that there is an appropriate documentation for that. I don't think it will be automatically converted. Thanks though. I think you did not get my question.
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