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  1. Hi can u guide me what is the diff between 1-30 and 129 f as we have been married nov 2019 and filled 1-30 as my husband is my sponsor but seeing ur timeline I got to know that if we could go for 129F the processing time is much more less please need ur guidance what I should do should a file 129 F too.

  2. This is probably a stupid question, but I am getting very frustrated and I am completely overwhelmed. I just feel like my brain does not want to function anymore. I am filling out the I-864 and I am stuck on Part 5. Sponsor's Household Size. I am sponsoring my spouse. So, My understanding would be that I put a 1 in each of the blank boxes above. However, that would equal a household size of 3. What the heck am I supposed to put here?
  3. New Zealand will only send the Police certificate directly to the U.S. Consulate and will not send a copy to individuals. I think we need to upload a copy when you submit the DS-260. Any suggestions on what to do?
  4. We received our welcome email from the NVC last night. We were both able to log into CEAC and it does not say anything about filling out or submitting Form DS-261. It states: Step 1: Pay fees. Step 2: Complete an Immigrant Visa (IV) Application (form DS-260). Step 3: Submit required financial and civil documents. It allowed me make payments on both the AOS and IV fees. Now it just says that the payments are pending and may take up to 2 to 3 business days. It appears to have skipped the the step to assign an agent. Is the DS-261 still required?
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