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  1. Posted this like 3 weeks ago and forgot to update the situation, basically even though on the site it said administrative processing, they decided it was issued from the email and we got the passport in our hands that Wednesday of that week. We traveled to America like 2 weeks ago and are settling in. Praying that God gives anyone still on administrative processing the strength and patience to endure such an excruciating process. Our case was on it for 3 months exactly and I'm so grateful it's over.
  2. My family has been on administrative processing late July when our interview was, with no updates on the CEAC site. Last Wednesday on the 16th, our status was changed to ready and we received an email saying that the review of our case was completed and we should drop off our passport at DHL for visa issuance and that the passport would be ready for pickup within 3-5 business days. Our case was updated that Friday, Monday and today. But today, the status on CEAC changed back to administrative processing. Does this mean that our visa is no longer issued, and that they are just going to hold our passports now? How long does it actually take the embassy to put a immigrant visa stamp on passports from any user’s experience, particularly with the Lagos consulate?
  3. Currently on administrative processing for 2 and half months for immigrant visa, is anyone else going through this dreadful wait or has anyone been through this an how long did it take?
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