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  1. Hello Mr. Hank! Do we need a DSWD Travel Clearance if my petitioner is my stepdad ? But my mom is going to pick us up from the Philippines to US. Thanks
  2. Hello Mr. Hank, thank you for this. I have read a lot about the Immigrant Data Summary sheet that is supposedly inside the packet that was delivered together with the visa and passport. But unfortunately, me and my sister don't have it, just some papers with further instructions. Is it okay or do we need to call the Embassy for it? And is it needed for the CFO seminar that we will be attending? Also, if my mom and biological father is already annuled, do we need an affidavit of travel consent from him, notarized? How is it different from DSWD travel clearance? Thank you so much, we are very confused😅
  3. Hello! Thank you for all your help and we finally got our visas! We are told to attend to a seminar called PDOS or PCS (for us, minor immigrants) before we completely leave the country. Can I ask what are the requirements needed for minor immigrants? We've already registered an appointment online and had the requirements checked but the posts and videos we are seeing from those who have experienced it already was different from what was indicated in the CFO official website (they were all applying under the K1 or Fiancé visa category though). And what should we know before going? Thank you so much!! Your answers will be of great help☺️
  4. Should I still bring 2 pcs 2x2 Photo to the interview or the 4pcs 2x2 that we submitted to St. Luke's before was enough? Thank you
  5. Thank you for the response. Should I get a CENOMAR(Certificate of No Marriage) or (Marriage Certificate) since I am 16 in the interview? Or is it only for 18 years and above? Thanks.
  6. Hello, is it normal if St. Luke's Medical Extension Clinic didn't hand me a sealed envelope and CD as a result of my medical exam? But they gave me my immunization record and was told that the result of my medical will be sent to the US Embassy. So there's no need for me to bring any medical results on the day of my interview? Would I be ask if I don't have one? Or they know it prior to my schedule of interview? Thank you...
  7. Hello again Mr. Hank! Is the affidavit needed? Or necessary? Or a valid ID's from my grandmother will do? Since she isn't apply for a visa... To whom should we show the affidavit ( if needed ) And is the affidavit should be coming from my mother in States? Thanks
  8. IR-2 VISA (Questions from a minor, 16 from the Philippines about US IMMIGRANT VISA INTERVIEW, RESCHEDULING OF APPOINTMENT, etc) Hello! I am new here in visa journey. I am 16 years old and currently living in the Philippines. I would just like to ask some few queries about my US Immigrant Visa Interview (to which I have no idea when will take place since I undergo sputum test and need to wait for about 2 months for the culture results, a bummer indeed) So I would like to ask if it's completely fine to have my legal guardian (grandmother) to assist me in the US Immigrant Visa Interview (because I am a minor) since both my mom and step-dad (petitioner) is in the United States and cannot come here for the interview? But my mother will come back here to accompany me once I already got my visa and ready to go in States, it's just that she cannot come into my interview because her time to go out of the country (US) is limited and also because of her work NOTE: This is my first time going out of the country, my mom is already in the States with my step-dad (petitioner) since 2015 and me and my sister (who is 18) are to followed and now fixing this SOME OF MY QUESTIONS: Do we need SPA (Special Power of Attorney) coming from my mom in states stating that she is allowing my grandmother to accompany me in the interview? And do my grandmother (legal guardian) who will assist me would be ask several questions by the US Consul on the Interview? What if she answered a wrong information, would that thing affect my Visa approval? What things should she bring with her? What ID's? What things should we know before the Interview date? Any tips and facts, like some sample of the questions to be asked to a minor immigrant? Do we need to bring pictures with our petitioner (step-dad) and mother for proofs? And what should we expect in the immigration if things go well? AND PLEASE ANSWER HOW TO RE-SCHEDULE AN INTERVIEW APPOINTMENT AFTER GETTING THE MEDICAL RESULT (IF PROLONGED DUE TO SPUTUM TEST) All of your answers and replies would be of great help Thank you and God bless
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