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  1. My case has been in AP for over 4 months like the other K1's....my case is honest. They can "lie on the internet" as you say and even falsify the fact that they are "married" as they wrote themselves. But even if that didnt fly we have evidence of her telling another petitioner she is married. So for now, our focus is making sure this gets dealt with. But thank you for your concern.
  2. You said a mouthful! For our benefit here, neither were too bright. Myself as well as the other concerned K1 petitioners took flash screens and copies of their facebook pages as well as the chat conversation that she had with one confirming her marriage. I understand no one likes the wait. But why cheat the system to bypass the wait. CR1 and K1 is just about neck to neck these days on wait time for MENA. CR1 takes 4-5 months for interviews and K1 now in this country takes 3-4 months.
  3. the problem I am having with our embassy is it is their responsibilty to check the legal status. just because someone provides a civil letter of single status doesnt necessarily means he is not married. when I was back home, I heard so many stories of how marriages are hidden from embassys. I thought it was simply dumb comments from the community. Now I believe it. I understand that nvc stage asks for social media handles and what not, but are they truly checking them is the question. if they did, it would be discovered. its right there clear as day. so I put that responsibility on our embassy ESPECIALLY if the couple has red flags like they do....they are the poster children of a red flagged couple in MENA.
  4. first time i hear extended AP. I will update you all once I learn of him being issued or not being issued his visa. my hunch is nothing will happen until its too late and he is here.
  5. Thank you all for your advice and help. I did get great tips on what to do and appreciate you all. Myself and others did start an active investigation for our embassys this morning as well as the liason involved. If something doesn't seem right, chances are it isn't. I'll leave it at that.
  6. Their status has changed according to petitioner. Also if you read my other posts, there is another male that was approved on the spot using the same liasons (immigration preparer, etc) log in and password to book his interview. He is the only other male we know who got approved this summer on the spot and 6 days later received his visa NO AP.
  7. You don't understand. He was approved on the spot....with all the red flags. 3 questions. The rest of us had 12-15. No supplemental questions required? There is still a chance something comes back from Dept of State LATER requesting it. There is more to this as I started an active investigation this morning. Interview was booked using the liasons log and password and subsequently rescheduled on a non K1 interview day from inside the embassy.
  8. I dont but the petitioner is an a K1 HELP group on facebook and thats how we all know plus chats she has had with members of the group. Once an interview is complete, they come back and post results. We also seen the stats on approved K1 and I will tell you those approvals are the female beneficiaries who are always approved on the spot. We know of only 1 male who got approved so far from this country in the last 3 months.
  9. Exactly There is more to this. If you would like to me, message me privately please and see the reply I made regarding another person possibly involved.
  10. Thats the first thing I did this morning. Thank you for sharing this and yes I believe it to be a consular thing. There is a bit more to this story. There is another person we (group of us K1 petitioners) are concerned about. There is a missing link (lawyer) who we've been watching for awhile. Seems anyone who uses his log in and pass to book their interviews get approved on the spot. Im on it....
  11. I understand what you are saying. Every single one of male beneficiaries since May 2019 have gone into AP following the interview and each and every single one of us have had to answer 10 questions which we know gets sent to Dept of State. How is it that he didnt? Because of this I am questioning the interviewer himself/herself and have taken the advice of another poster and contacted office of inspector general and dept of state. did you read my original post? Have you counted the red flags? Have another look over. this particular mena country throws you in AP if you so much misspell a word.
  12. amazing that they cant do anything since i dont have the NVC case number. its what they just told me. I know USCIS will not get to this in time. I will try dept of state and border control I guess. I would be so mad if I learn later he came here bypassing all the waiting. I hate benefit liars.
  13. This is exactly what I was looking for. Something is up from the interviewer. There is no way every single male from our country has gone into AP following interviews except for this one. Thank you.
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