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  1. Hello, I have my medical exam in Montreal next week and I'm wondering what I need to consider given that I've had a recent hospitalization. I was in the hospital for a few weeks this past summer to deal with an infection. It was serious at the time but I got treatment and now I'm in the recovery phase - not completely out of the woods, but moving towards that. I am aware they ask you if you've been hospitalized before, and obviously I will say yes to that. However, do they care much about non-psychiatric medical issues? Should I be going to my family doc to get her to write a letter explaining the situation and if so, what info should I have her include? I also got a chest x-ray while in hospital and have the medical record for that. Anyone have any experience as to whether they would accept this and forego the x-ray on site? When I called Medisys the person said to go ahead and bring it because they "might" accept it, but wasn't much help beyond that. Any insights, I'd love to hear!
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