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  1. I didn't submit the I-693 and just got scheduled for interview and plan on doing the exam this week. DId not get an RFE for the I-693, hope that helps.
  2. Once you get your case status #'s you can sign up on: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do and get both text and email notifications when something happens to the case.
  3. I don't believe so, OP would have to send it in to the the service center where the documents are being processed at.
  4. Only a short amount of delay, as soon as I got the RFIE letter - I gathered all the documents and sent it overnight. They had it by Monday next week and it was in the system that following Wednesday, after that it took maybe a week before it got updated to "Case is ready to be scheduled for interview". I'm still waiting for my EAD. It has been 3 months since filing on Wednesday and approx 10 weeks after biometrics. I tried to expedite it but got denied before I could even provide evidence.
  5. You will probably get an RFIE at some point. I forgot to submit an I-864 as well and got an RFE around a month after I had taken my biometrics.
  6. I'll do so! I was told that I can just send the first page in with a letter explaining the situation, so I will go ahead and do that and hope for the best if I cant request it online. I've had my biometrics done in August so that's not an issue. I expedited it last friday and I'm waiting for them to contact me about evidence. Just to be on the safe side, I'll send a letter today about getting it corrected and as well with my evidence if they ask for it. Hopefully, it's not too late.
  7. It is in the c09 category. The only issue is that I checked the 1.c box instead of 1.a but also sent in a copy of my old EAD card that is an OPT card.. So I'm assuming they'll "assume" that I want to renew my card that I don't have in that category and hopefully send an RFE for correction. Worst case scenario would be denial and I'll simply just have to wait for my interview.. I expedited it by phone - and I called earlier today explaining if there's something they can do about that mistake but was told that I could either send in a correction letter or hope for the best pretty much. Didn't really get much information out of the person. I'm just unsure on how to proceed as of now.
  8. Hi! I found this thread and I have submitted my I-765 along with I-485 and all the other documents. This thread made me double check my application and I noticed that I checked the wrong box. I checked 1.c as I thought it was just a general renewal from OPT to the status I'm adjusting for. Is this detrimental, will I get a RFE , should I send in a correction letter to USCIS and how would I do so? I've also put in an expedite request and I'm wondering if I would send a correction letter - can I send them a letter about the correction with it? Or should I simply just wait it out and see what happens?
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