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  1. Fraud it is. I guess I'm gonna commit more fraud just to be on the safe side. I shouldn't have turned to this community for advice. My time will be better spent talking to an attorney. Paul & Mary life is not so cut and dry as you see it. Maybe you just never were young and in love and can't relate
  2. Understood. Has anyone here been in a similar situation then and if so, what was their course of action? That's what I'm inclined to do. I'm only afraid they could deny her on the principle of preconceived intent. From what I've read about the interview, their questions can be pretty specific and if I tell them that we met on an online dating site and that's how we hit it off they will figure out we were dating the entire time. Like hide what? That our marriage is not bona fide? I'm not beating around the bush here. I'm trying to be straight up with you that I wanted to save time on the entire process of applying for a K-1 visa by doing the adjustment of status.
  3. Do you care to elaborate if there's any other issue here besides the preconceived intent? You don't understand. We're trying to figure out the best course of action here. Let me set this straight. My wife has been coming here on a tourist visa multiple times. This time around we decided to get married in United States instead of applying for K-1 and waiting for it to be resolved. All the lies she told was at the consulate saying that she's visiting a friend. Obviously we've been together before she applied for a visa. So she wasn't visiting me as a friend but rather a boyfriend. I just don't know if I should tell them the truth at the interview or if I should try to conceal the fact we've been together before she applied for a visa. We are about to lie big time and I'm asking for advice if it's worth our time at all
  4. Hello My wife has been coming to see me on tourist visa before we got married. She never overstayed. At one point we decided that we're going to start the adjustment of status process instead of applying for K-1 visa so that we can wait for the decision while she's here with me. I understand that this was not the best idea from a legal point of view because of the whole 30/60 rule and preconveived intent. We started to process long after 60 days but the preconceived intent was still there. We wrote up an elaborate story to conceal the fact that we had intimate relations prior to her coming here on the tourist visa and that our idea to marry was spontaneous rather than planned out in advance. We just found out our interview has been scheduled and my wife is worried that we may slip up in some way while explaining ourselves. The thing is, she met a girl at schol who was in the same situation and she was not worried at all. She did not try to conceal the fact that she came here to marry on tourist visa and she has received her green card without issues. It keeps me wondering if our elaborate story is worth sticking to at all. Wouldn't it be better to be just straight up with the interviewer? Has anyone here been in a similar sitaution? Thanks.
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