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  1. Hi everyone, Tried searching for a similar post but didn't manage to find one. We're in the process of completing the I-130 for my Spanish husband and requested a copy of our marriage certificate (certificacion literal.) We've only been married about two months so up until now we have only had the "Acta de Matrimonio" and our Libro de Familia. I have one first name, two middle names, and my surname correctly filled in on all those documents--well, they are all just written out together so it doesn't specify which is which really. We received the marriage certificate and the Registry office has put my second middle name as my first surname. So now I have two surnames even though this is not correct. They have told us that this happens all the time with foreigners (not much consolation) and to submit paperwork to change the file, BUT this can take anywhere from three to four months as it is essentially a whole new process. Unfortunately there seems no way around this, even though the error is on their end as we double checked our application file and all of my documentation has my names correctly marked. I was hoping to submit our I-130 in the next few weeks, but now I'm not sure what to do. Submit the marriage certificate with the wrong surnames and hope for the best? Use the Acta de Matrimonio or Libro de Familia as proof of marriage certificate? Thanks in advance for any insight. Feeling a bit overwhelmed and frustrated by the timeline proposed to me by the office here in Spain.
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