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  1. I’m so confused. When I just went to USCIS site it said they are closed until at least June 4. That would not be good news. Am I reading something wrong?
  2. Same boat here. It’s all about whether things actuallY open on May 3. And it’s why I have been wondering on here for the last few weeks if different States will open offices at different times? For example, if Trump says “open the Federal offices” is it still possible that Georgia opens right away but California stays closed for another two months?
  3. Yes. Spouses and minor children of US citizens are exempt. As well as those applying from within the USA.
  4. Reuters is now reporting that the executive order might not be ready until tomorrow and that it currently looks like it will apply only to people outside the US borders and not to those already here. But let’s see what happens.
  5. As we all wait for the official language of the executive order, I just wanted to share some good news. The New York Times this morning is reporting language similar to Bloomberg’s yesterday, that spouses and children would be exempt from the ban. This is a shift over night for NYT. Could just be a different reporter. Also could be their sources are aligning more with Bloomberg’s and have reason to think spouses and families will be exempt from the ban. Of course, no matter what the words are, they still would need to open offices to truly start the process again.
  6. Yeah. I usually grab headlines from New York Times and CNN and then watch Fox to see what they are saying. That combo usually tells you where the facts are if you triangulate between them. This one is confusing because news sources were trying to guess what Trump was Tweeting in a midnight rant. Unfortunately, the NYT article above is responding to Trump’s words and clarifications today about what really will be in the executive order. And it will be aimed at Green Cards and permanent situations both family and work based. He said this ban will be 60 days and then will be evaluated based on the economy. Let’s see what actually gets written into the final version tomorrow. I really, really hope I am wrong.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/04/21/us/politics/coronavirus-trump-immigration-ban.amp.html I really hope I am wrong and this NYT article is wrong. Trump clarified that his executive order will not apply to temporary visas. He is targeting green cards. His target is those who want to be in the USA permanently, whether through work or family. The ban is for another two months on top of the current office closures. Let’s see how it plays out tomorrow. You have no idea how much I hope my information ends up being wrong.
  8. NYTimes. I will look for the link. It’s 60 days and aimed at green cards and those wanting to be here permanently. Ie families. It is not signed yet. That will be tomorrow. Will grab the link later. Need to go for a run and burn off this negative energy now.
  9. Nevermind. I just saw the executive order. It’s directed at green cards. And family based as well. Another two months plus added onto an already brutal process. Hang in there, everyone. It was already an insanely trying process. We can handle this thrown at us as well. Thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by this needless power move when there already is so much hurt and suffering from all of this right now.
  10. Same boat for us. We missed biometrics by one day as well. So brutal. Let’s see what this executive order looks like. A lot of people are about to feel a lot of pain from this. Thoughts and prayers are with everyone suffering even more during this already crushing time. If family-based AOS is exempt from this, we should be very grateful and hope for the best. We might actually move faster through the system, but let’s see what happens. Could not be more with you!
  11. Got it. Thanks! First and foremost, I want everyone working at the offices safe and sound. Also, obviously excited to get these biometrics done asap and get the process underway. Thanks and stay safe!
  12. Hey, all. A few weeks ago, I posted asking whether the Federal government or the State governments would control when Customs offices open (specifically ASC). I am not trying to dive into whether or not the president has total authority to open States. Rather, I still am wondering specifically about the Federal offices--specifically ASC. If the Federal government wants to open a Federal office (Customs, ASC, etc) and a particular State does not want to open them, who controls it? Do all the Customs offices open at once? Or do some open before others, depending on what States they are in and who the governors are of those states? Thanks!
  13. Thanks! Yes, It's the end of April now. What does ROC stand for?
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