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  1. Did you have to get your flu vaccine as well, does the doctor administer it himself.. Or had you had that done earlier? Congrats on the baby on the way, I'm pregnant too waiting for my appointment and medical at the same clinic 👍
  2. Yep, I know. Thankfully it got sorted out for us. Thanks for the kind, helpful words!
  3. Hi NikLR, They can't expedite anyone's interview at the embassy, without the embassy's decision. NVC Expedite lets you know that in the email they send u when they approve you for the expedite. There are two types of expedite; 'conditional', & 'non-conditional'. The scenario you're talking about is a non-conditional expedite.
  4. When nvc expedite approves you for an expedite, it's in coordination with the consulate.. so yes.
  5. Yes, I hear the interview appointment wait for the cr1 spouse Visa (my immigration) at our montreal consulate is about 5mo. I know the crba is sooner, because all the other consulates here take care of that one.
  6. Thank you so much for all the helpful info! Yes, we're very happy. I hear it's a 5 month wait for an interview at our consulate, but it'll be sweet when we can live together as a family once this is all complete. Should also be plenty of time to take care of the crba. Thanks again
  7. Thank you now, do you know if the consulate will require this be done before my cr1 visa interview?
  8. He would have claim to u.s. citizenship since the father/my husband is American, and he's lived in the US his whole life.
  9. I'm a cr1 applicant currently pregnant with our firstborn, and due any day. My husband is a US citizen, and I'm Canadian. We've been approved at the nvc stage, awaiting an interview appointment at the consulate. Does anyone know if this changes anything as far as filing; now that we're going to have a child, will the consulate require something more of us for the interview like his birth certificate, extra fees, filing, etc.? Thanks.
  10. Has this happened to anyone out there? Or is anyone familiar with this? ... Back in August I emailed nvc expedite for a request to expedite my cr1 visa. This was due to a medical reason, with an attached letter, before I had a chance to submit any forms/fees/documents. We got approved for a conditional expedite (meaning once nvc has all forms, fees, & documents, then they will expedite appointment to consulate here in Canada). It took over10 weeks for the processing of our case at the nvc, they needed some corrections once along the way, but we never anticipated such a long wait for the expedite. Then last thurs in Nov, we got their approval for an appointment to be made at the consulate. Meanwhile, I had called the nvc twice, and was reassured once our case is documentarily accepted, it WILL be expedited. It's now been over a week since, and we havent heard anything about this appointment. I tried emailing the consulate twice, and heard nothing, not even an automated email. I also called nvc again this morning, and now I'm being told I should email nvc expedite again to ask them for an expedite again. ???
  11. I wanted to ask if anyone's successfully gotten a vaccine waiver due to religious conviction for their CR1 Visa, or know for certain what this process looks like. (And if it interferes with a Visa approval and admissability to the country or not.) A little info about me: I'm a CR1 spouse Visa applicant from Canada, currently living in Canada apart from my American husband. I'm currently waiting on an interview date/decision on our submited forms/fees/&documents via ceac. I am pregnant. And I happen to already have had all CDC required vaccines in the past on record, but now that it's flu season, I understand the flu vaccine will be required of me also. Appreciate the help. thanks.
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