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  1. Yeah, it's just been issued! I guess I'll have my passport back by the end of the week.
  2. Thanks for the information! It's changed to administrative processing now. So I'm happy that they haven't forgotten about it! Haha
  3. Just wondering if this is normal... I had my interview on Friday, October 18th, and I was approved. I've checked the CEAC website today and my case has been updated today, October 21st, but it still says that it's ready for interview. Is this normal? I though the next update would say something about administrative processing or something?
  4. So my interview was yesterday, and after waiting and worrying about it since we sent our petition back in February. The interview was a breeze. I plan to leave a review of the embassy when I'm back on my computer later. As I was told it was mainly waiting. Out of all the stuff I brought I was only asked for; my passport, i134 with employment verification letter and bank deposit statements, birth certificate, change of name deed, police certificates from the UK and Japan, one passport photo, and reaffirmation letter from my fiancée. So there was a lot of waiting and then I was called for my interview. After raising my right hand and swearing to tell the truth the interviewer asked three questions. Where did I meet my fiancée? When was the last time we met? When is the wedding? I was also asked about my past drug use, as I told the truth during the medical, and I just confirmed what I had already told the GP at the medical. Then she said that the visa was approved and I was free to go. That was it. So I left the embassy and called my fiancée to tell her the good news. Now, I've got to wait about 10 days for my passport and the envelope that I've not got to open, which I guess is sent with the passport? The only thing they gave me is a CD with my chest x-ray. So yeah, the visa has been approved and I can't stop smiling!
  5. It did. It was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. I was only asked three questions and my interview only lasted around 5 minutes! But yeah, approved! Just got to wait to get my passport back.
  6. Cheers. The closer it is the calmer I'm feeling. People such as yourself have helped a lot. I just want it to be done now!
  7. Cheers Zoeeeeeee! I remember reading you're review in the past. Very helpful indeed. I hope you're enjoying your final month in the UK!
  8. That's pretty quick! And I thought your reply was from Carl.! Congratulations on getting approved!
  9. Thought so! Congratulations on everything by the way!
  10. Was your interview Tuesday 15th October? If so that's a quick turn around! I was told the visa would put in your passport and then take upto two weeks after interview to couriered to you.
  11. I'm the same about the transport. I live in Manchester so I'm heading down right now on the coach, £11 return as opposed to £82 return on the train, and I'm staying in a hotel tonight. I've got the massive binder and photos. I also know that they are very unlikely to look at most of what I've got but I'd like to have it and not need it than the other way round! Fairly easy suits me. Thanks for letting me know.
  12. Cheers. So, it was fairly straight forward then? I take it that you got approved?
  13. That sounds like a nightmare! I'm glad it got sorted and that everything turned out fine. I've got everything I need and then some! Been slowly gathering things for the past two months. Everything has been checked and organised, with post-its and paper clips, so it's all easy to find. Just got to smash the interview now!
  14. Yeah! We are a real couple! I know I'll be fine. It's just that there is a lot riding on this. But I know what to do! And I'll get it done! Cheers. I know it'll be fine!
  15. Hello, So the day is approaching. I have all the documents I need and now it's only two more sleeps until the most important interview of my life, at least to date. There is so much riding on this interview it's unreal. The thought of it being denied is terrifying and although I know that's unlikely I still feel as though my and my fiancee's future is in the hands of a stranger. A stranger that I have to present documentary evidence about our relationship as well as answering their questions. I know I have everything. It has been checked and checked. Orangised, clipped together, put in a folder and then indexed with post-it notes. I also know that London is a so-called 'easy' embassy and that, according to what I have read on this site, the interview isn't an interrogation. More of a friendly chat. Heading in to Friday I still have two little niggles. One that we put my step-fathers name on the I-129f form, I've been advised by a very knowledgeable contributor to this site that this isn't a worry, but until the interview is over it will be. Two that I have her income tax return for 2018, one of the years when she was working abroad so she didn't work in the US at all in 2018, 2017 or 2016. As she was working in abroad the return only shows a taxable income of $17,000. I have been told through some posts on this site that London doesn't need the tax return as long as the employment verification letter shows that her income for this year is over the 100% poverty guideline. She has been employed in her current job in the US since January and she makes well over the 125% poverty guideline for a household of two. So hopefully the employment verification letter along with the I-134 and other supporting documents, paystubs, bank statements, etc. Will be sufficient for the interview. If they only rely on last years tax return we are pretty much screwed but I doubt that is the case. So, for all of you who have had their interview in London what tips do have for the interview? Were you nervous and was it a problem? And what did you do to calm down? Yoga? Deep breaths? I have also reviewed a lot of consulate reviews for the London embassy and looked at other peoples reviews of the interview and I have made a list of questions that it seems that they are most likely to ask during the interview. They are; How did you meet your fiancee? What does your fiancee do? What do you intend to do while in the US? (What do you plan to do for work in the future?) Where does your fiancee live? When do you and your fiancee plan on getting married? How often have you met? Where do you plan to live when you move? How long have you known each other? When was the last time your saw your fiancee? All of these seem straight forward and easy to answer. Has anyone, who has interviewed at London, felt as though any of the questions were a trick to try and catch you out? This was only supposed to be a couple of questions but it has turned in to an essay... Pre interview jitters I guess... So, I'll stop here.
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