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  1. Thank you! We already submitted our packet. Hopefully we did everything right
  2. For those who got married in Davis County, Utah, is your Marriage License really already your Marriage Certificate? 2 Certified True Copies of our Marriage License was mailed to us. After our wedding and it has a seal.
  3. I read the requirements for San Francisco Philippine Consulate and it says there that the marriage certificate must show the number of times married. However, our marriage certificate/license do not have this information. Should I just I submit my marriage certificate/license without this information?
  4. Will it matter if on my Cashier's Check, on the "Memo" part, we only put "Form i-485 Filing and Biometric Fees" and we didn't put the applicant's name on it? Do we need to sign the back of the Cashier's Check?
  5. Which payment method in filing for AOS is better? And if you paid through Credit Card, whose name should we put on the first box that says Full Legal Name? My name or my husband's? My husband will pay for my AOS and we will use his credit card. I am the immigrant adjusting for status.
  6. Hi! I had an MMR shot but not from St. Lukes Extension Clinic in Manila. I brought a document signed by my local doctor and the doctor at SLEC acknowledged it. I noticed that on my DS-3025 there was no check mark on the MMR and only a date for when I had my MMR shot from my local doctor. There was no Blanket Waiver or code. Does this mean during AOS, I need to fill out an I-693 and have a USCIS accredited Civil Surgeon make an official form and say my MMR shot is valid?
  7. Hi! I already signed and submitted my DS 160 last December 23, 2019 and I’m about to have my interview tomorrow January 21, 2020. However, I only noticed now that I made a mistake on my Travel Information. I am applying for a K1 Fiancé Visa and I have an existing B1/B2 Visa. I visited my fiancé last year and on the DS-160 Travel Information part, instead of inputting my arrival date in the US on July 10th and staying for 10 days, I wrongly inputted July 11th and stayed for 9 days. Is this something I can tell the CO and they can correct it on the spot during my interview or should I make a new DS-160?
  8. Hi! For those doing their K1 (Fiancé Visa) interview at the US Embassy in Manila, what were the documents asked from the applicant with an existing US B1/B2 Tourist Visa?
  9. Hi! What about Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability? Will that affect our immigration process or the financial support requirements?
  10. Oh no. How can it affect financial support requirements? Like the paystubs for the last 3 months? Would the W2 and Tax Return Transcript suffice? He plans to FMLA for 3 months. We got our NOA1 last August and we are expected to get our NOA2 in November. We might have our US Embassy Visa interview scheduled in December. He wants to file for FMLA in November until January.
  11. Hi! We are currently waiting for our NOA2, my fiancé wants to file FMLA. Will it affect our immigration process?
  12. No CFO Certificate/Sticker is needed for B1/B2 US Tourist Visa holders. Only Immigrant Visas are asked to show their sticker and certificate from CFO.
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