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  1. I want you all to know this is excellent help! I appreciate help bringing happiness together.
  2. I see. But how will they connect them all as family so that everyone comes over together?
  3. Thank you. And it’s also the I130 form? So 3 checks for $535? And for instance include the other two packets all together with hers and write it all in the cover letter?
  4. Ok I searched. I read the directions. On page 1 and 2 of the I 130 instructions it appears I have to file a second petition for each of my beneficiary’s 2 children, they are 6 and 9. I thought I did not and I could do them on this one form but it specifically says I can include them if I am a “lawful permanent resident “. And I am not classified as that as I am a born US citizen. So is that correct? Also so I have to pay the fee 3 times? Then where it says who i can file for it does not have step children listed for an individual form. Only says children. I could have sworn that I could list her children but was told today no by someone who has done this immigration process themselves. And after carefully reading it appears they are right. next question is “family name” is that current name and not maiden names? Later in the form it uses the terminology Maiden name. So that is confusing also.
  5. Sorry I did not state the correct sentence. I am still learning everything. What i meant to say is I thought if you were previously married prior to entering the US that the only route to take is a CR1. But I could definitely be wrong.
  6. Yes I completely understand that. I was just wondering if there are people here that actually do make it into the US. As a lawyer told me 100% no which is scaring us now. She has a career there. She has real estate there. She has kids there. Plenty of proof of ties.
  7. I was planning on going to Kiev In two weeks to marry my fiancé. Two lawyers warned me that she will not be able to come into the country on her B2 visa during this process. I thought I read on here that it would be OK. Also she has been coming here for the past five years every summer as she is a schoolteacher in her country. So it would be the normal scheduled trips as we’ve always had. Can someone tell me their experience? Also we were wondering if she were to change her name there if it would cause a problem with the B2. And if we should wait until after she is here?
  8. Would have been better if I started a new thread. I do communicate with them through video chat and will be meeting them in December and then numerous more times throughout the process. Also their father has expressed that he would like them to come here as he is the one who mentioned they would have a better life, not myself. And their mother agrees. Also the kids have been coming here for four summers now and have friends and family here. So it wasn’t my words but all of theirs. But again I wasn’t trying to write a story and hijack someone’s thread. But I do assume one thing I said. That they would be scared to actually be faced with the reality of moving permanently.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, next time I won’t post related info in a thread that I also have a question about. Would have been better if I explained better by starting my own thread.
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