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  1. Frustrating to say the least, as this tripped us up and has now caused delays amplified now by the Enhanced Quarantine. We were at least able to apply online for the CENOMAR which once they find the marriage in their system, becomes a CEMAR and they will be mailing it to us. This hopefully has only set us back a week.
  2. We were able to get one online and they are mailing it to us. Hopefully get it by tomorrow.
  3. Ok, I will try a different route. Does anyone know of a safe private driver who lives in the Ermita area who we could pay to drive my wife 3 miles down the road to the PSA and back to pick up her CEMAR document? It would have to be their personal car I guess as it can't be a private company.
  4. Can she swing by and pick my wife up so she can get hers.
  5. Yeah, that's what we thought but we need the CEMAR too, I guess.
  6. Anyone who is from Manila and know the area around the US embassy could help me find a place to rent a bike or e-scooter? My wife is staying right down my the enbassy, we had our interview yesterday and got approved however we need to get one final document for her visa to get processed. The CEMAR from the PSA which is about 3 miles away from her condo. She doesn’t feel completely safe walking but would take a bike or e-scooter. We just need one document and we can’t get it because she can’t get a ride 3 miles away to get it at the PSA which is open. She is from Davao and doesn’t know anyone in Manila. No cabs, buses, grabs only personal cars.
  7. My wife is a filipina and was an OFW working in Macau. We got married in Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui Marriage registry. We just had our interview yesterday and she needed the original HK wedding certificate, the registration of our marriage through PSA and apparently we needed another CENOMAR Certificate of Marriage from the PSA as well. We are having to get that mailed to her in Manila so she can finish the process. We were approved but she needs to submit that document along with her passport to the 2go service when she gets it in a couple days. I would not chance not having a document or registering with these uncertain times. The PSA is literally like 5 miles away from where my wife is staying and she can't get there because of the lockdown. We have to request the document online and have them mail it do use. What would take about an hour to get normally is now going to take at least 4-7 days. I really hate you COVID.
  8. Hello everyone, I have been trying to figure out what is going on with my case but with no such luck. Back on April 17th via Case Tracker my I-129f was denied, a few days later I received the official I-129f denial letter with the decision. It state as the reason for the denial that "Since your immigrant visa petition has been approved and an immediate relative visa is available, your spouse no longer requires the issuance of a K-3 visa to await adjudication of the immigrant visa petition. Therefore, your I-129f visa petition is denied". We were so happy and expected any day our I-130 to be approved via case tracker. As of today, May 13, there still has not been any notification in Case Tracker for our I-130 as it is still says pending. When I call USCIS and ask about it they say nothing has been updated and it is still at a pending status. I have posted on other forums in VJ and people seem to think that our I-130 is for sure approved and that it is perhaps common that case tracker hasn't been updated. They have mentioned that my file has probably already been sent to the Department of State. So my question is there anywhere at the NVC stage I can see if my case has been at the very least received? I don't have an NOA2 or a NVC case number yet but I have my I-129f denial letter stating that my immigrant visa for my wife has been approved. It's hard to see others who get denied I-129f and then either later that day or the next day get their I-130 approved. This is really tough. Our I-130 PD is June 6, 2019 so we are coming up on 1 year. Thanks for anyone who can help reassure us, this has been a very hard last month or so.
  9. Is there anyway to find out if our case is at the NVC stage yet? As I mentioned our I-129f denial letter gave the reason for our denial as the immigrant visa was approved. We still have not received an NOA2 yet. That was almost a month ago. I sure hope it was sent to the State Department and it just hasn’t updated in case tracker. It’s getting harder and harder everyday to see people get their I-129f denied and the I-130 approved on the same day.
  10. My I-129f PD was Oct. 4 2019. I was was denied April 17th we are still waiting for the I-130 NOA2 but in the I-129f denial letter we received it said the reason was because the immigrant visa had been approved so that is why the I-129f was denied.
  11. Hello all, I just want to give an update and share some frustration. On April 17th 2020 I received an update via Case Tracker that our I-129f had been denied. We were very excited and were eagerly awaiting the I-130 approval surely to be coming next. Our PD for I-129f was Oct 4, 2019 our I-130 PD is June 6, 2019 both LIN. The next day April 18th I received the I-129f denial letter in the mail. The reason they gave for the I-129f denial was that we had an immigrant visa approved and there was no longer the need for the I-129f so therefore it was denied. We, as I mentioned eagerly awaited the I-130 approval in Case Tracker and/or our NOA2 for the I-130 in the mail. Well it’s been almost 25 days now since the I-129f was denied and we received that notice of denial. I called about two weeks ago to ask what was going on and why the letter, in essence, said our I-130 was approved but nothing in Case Tracker. When I talk on the phone to USCIS they say the case is still pending. I asked them why in the I-129f denial notice it stated our immigrant visa was accepted and that was the reason for the denial. They said it could have been a mistake 💔, seriously a mistake. They transferred me to the second tier officer in DC or New York, and that gentleman was nice and said the case is still pending, but based off the I-129f denial notice, it does appear it has been approved and just could be awaiting data input into the system. That was like 13 days ago. Has anyone experienced this? This is really madness. As we sit at the date of this post our I-129f has been denied, the reason given our immigrant visa has been approved, yet in case tracker and when we call USCIS the I-130 is still pending. We are at day 338 from our I-130 NOA1. I am just looking to see what others think, perhaps help calm my wife and I down with this madness. Thanks all.
  12. Your time is coming soon. Hang in there, it will happen.  Be well. 

  13. Since I have filed and paid for the I-130 file fee, if I also want to submit the I-129f, do i also have to pay the $535 filing fee for that too?
  14. Thank you both so much. I really appreciate your responses and I am glad this forum exists.
  15. It is fairly early in our process, my wife and I were married this summer (June 3, 2019) I had all the forms ready before hand and just needed the marriage certificate to include along with some copies of pictures from the wedding (bona fide marriage requirements). On June 6, 2019 our I-130 packet was received and I was mailed a notice that our case had been received. In my research it seemed like since I was wanting my foreign spouse to come to the US that form I-130 would be the appropriate form the file. I am starting to read and see that people are using form I-129f. I thought that was strictly for the K1 visa process, the 90 day fiance thing, but that doesn't seem to be the case and I have been reading that I-129f seems to get approved faster. Should I have filed the I-129f instead of the I-130? Should I file the I-129f still? I know this is a long process for everyone but I am looking for any way to try speed this up. I am an American born citizen and my wife is a Filipina national. Any advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated. I wish everyone else the best of luck in their process.
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