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  1. Is there a posibilita they can deny the application? Do we have to notify them that I have a waiver?
  2. Hello! I was in The United States under a J1 Visa. I know that you need to wait in your Home country for 2 years or apply for a waiver in order to apply for a K1. I do have a waiver but we did not attached the document when we sent the form I-29F. We recieved the NOA1 last week. Do you think we are going to have problems during the process. Can we send it? or what are the recomendations?
  3. Well, the status by USCIS says “ The postal office returned your document to us” as I said we send the I29 form by the end of August. So we don’t know exactly what did the USCIS sent to us.
  4. Hello. We sent the documents of the I129 form by the end of August. Checking the case status we got a notification saying that the post office returned the documents to the USCIS. Inmediately we rquested an inquiry. Do you know if it is going to delay the process? What type of document did they send to us? My Fiancé is in the military and lives on base so I do not know if they returned the papers because of that. Thanks.
  5. Hey! Do you know if the Fiancé is in the military the process of a K1 Visa can be shorter?
  6. Hello! My Fiancé is American and I am Colombian. We sent the I-29F last month. I would like to know what is next and how long is it going to take to get to the next step? Thanks!
  7. Hello. I’m from Colombia and my fiancé and me started the process on August 28th. It’s almost a month and we haven’t got anything. I put my case number on USCIS and it said that we are supposed to get a receipt notice before September 27th. Does somebody know what is the receipt notice about and why we haven’t heard anything yet? Thanks!!!
  8. Hola soy colombiana y hace tres semanas inicié el proceso. Me encantaría ser parte del grupo de WhatsApp. Me podrían añadir?
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