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    Nicaragua, cooking, surfing, art, painting, sunsets, sewing, swimming, music, dancing, laughing, spending time with the love of my life

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    Our story is quite simple, not different from many in this forum. My name is Jada, and I fell in love with a Nicaraguense. But not just any Nicaraguense. Our relationship began just about a year ago, but our romance has been building ever since we were kids. Yader David and I have known each other since we were 8. My grandmother is a native Nica, she was born in Leon and came to the US when she was 16 years old. Fast forward a few years, the very first time I went to Nicaragua was with my mother when I was two. I probably went to Nicaragua every summer starting when I was about 6 or 7, and somewhere along the way our families met. I remember playing, as little kids do, getting all muddy, then playing in the rain as the rainy season would drench us everyday with a down pour. As the years passed, this childhood friendship grew into something more. I was 17 years old when I first realized that my feelings for Yader were no longer platonic. I had developed a crush for him and I didn’t even know it. The next time I saw him I was 19, because at this point our trips to Nicaragua had lessened to about every other year. At this point I was fully crushing, and I thought that he was clueless… but it turns out that he was crushing on me too. Fast forward again to the next trip when we were 21 and we both finally discovered that we liked each other but I must admit that the thought of a long distance relationship scared the crud out of me. I thought it was too hard and that it just wouldn’t work. Well, over the next year I tried my hardest to forget the feelings that I had for Yader. It didn’t work. Last year we all went back to Nicaragua to celebrate my parents 25 anniversary and the moment I saw Yader, all the feelings I tried to suppress came flooding back and hit me like a big Mac truck. After much talking, we found that the feeling was mutual and finally began our relationship officially. It has been the most wonderful 8 months of my life. It has been really hard, doing the whole long distance thing, but we are making it work, taking one step at a time. I know that I love Yader with all my heart and that he is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. A love like this is something you don’t find everyday, and that’s why I’m willing to do what it takes. I realize that I couldn’t let fear dominate and if I didn’t try, I would never know if it could work. It is working, I’m happy to say. Some days are harder than others, but he’s always a phone call away. This year have already made two trips to Nicaragua, with my 3rd trip I am anxiously anticipating in July. He is my soul mate and we will hopefully get married next year, which is why I’m here at this site, trying to find all I can about the K-1 fiance visa.
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