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  1. The USCIS step is done. This is why we decided to file the petition, so we could take advantage of DCF instead of filing in the US and have the interview at a later date. Thank you for all your replies! The Consulate finally told us that an email stating that we want to keep our case open will suffice and we can proceed to file DS-260 when we are ready to go to Naples. Thank you so much again.
  2. Thank you for your replies, I really appreciate your time. From what I understood I shouldn't be filling anything at all, not even the DS 260? What happens if I file It now and start collecting all the documentation later? Surprisingly enough, Italy is very fast (usually on the stop or on the same day anyway) to deliver police certificates and birth certificates. Unfortunately our email does not say that we have 12 months and the only reply we received from the Consulate states that we have to email them and they'll ask the Consul to extend our petition. Once again, thank you!
  3. Hi MelC, thank you for your fast reply. So, from what I understood, I should not file anything (including the DS-260) until I am ready to go on? I still need to wait until June 2020 for the interview so my wife can join me. I know it is not required, but she really wants to be present. They already did confirm that we can pause it for up to one year, we just do not know what to do (or what not to do) and how to proceed from now on. How soon were you able to schedule your interview? I am really grateful for how fast my petition was accepted, hopefully the same applies to the interview. Thank you again!
  4. Hi guys, I have been reading this forum for ever now and the information I found here was just amazing, especially finding out I could use DCF. So, here is a little background. I am an Italian citizen living in Italy and I have been married to a US citizen since February 2017 and been in a relationship with her since 2013. We recently filed and sent I-130 to USCIS in Rome, which was received and approved on September 20th and everything was sent to the Consulate in Naples which already forwarded the email to proceed. Now, before starting the process my wife found a job she is contractually bound to until June 2020 and we asked the Consulate what we could do in this case and we were told that we could send everything and put the process on hold for up to 1 year. The problem is we do not know how to and if we need to do anything special or we simply do not file anything else until we want to go to Naples for the interview. We tried to email the Consulate but have not received any reply from them. Has anyone ever experienced this? Also, how long before should we file everything considering we want to have the interview around June 20th 2020? Thank you so much for your replies. Mirko&Daisy
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