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  1. We just got our interview appointment email last night! Scheduled for June 14th. I know another person who got DQ at the beginning of March for CR1 and also got an appointment for June. So it is taking around 2-3 months to get the appointment.
  2. Hi guys, Wondering if anyone is waiting for an interview at the US embassy in Seoul? Hubby got DQ for CR1 on 02/25/2021 and we haven't heard anything from NVC after that. I know the embassy is backlogged. Just searching for any information to hopefully get some idea of when we might get an appointment. TIA🙂
  3. Wondering if anyone can help guide me in the correct way to upload tax documents for the joint sponsor and household member on CEAC. My mother filed I-864 as my joint sponsor and step-dad filed I-864A as her household member. They filed taxes jointly. I'm confused about how to upload their tax return documents (they don't have a tax transcript). I uploaded each part of the tax return under the joint sponsor. After that: 1. Should I upload both my mom's and my step-dad's W-2s under the joint sponsor, since both W-2s tied to that tax return? 2. Should I upload the same joint tax return and both of their W-2s under the household member as well? Any help is appreciated.
  4. Sure, let me know if you have any specific questions about anything  I'd be glad to help! I see you were married just 2 days before my husband and I got married. Hope this stage goes by quickly for you. Good luck 

  5. All of my photos were digital, so I put them in a word document, 4-5 pictures on a page. I typed labels in the document showing the date, place, and people in the photo. I printed it on white paper using colored ink. The final document had 4 pages and about 18 pictures. I've read that some people send in actual photos. They put labels on the back of each photo and put them all in a zip-lock bag.
  6. The Chicago Lockbox is just where the documents are being sent. It's essentially a payment processing and sorting facility. So that is not the location you use.
  7. The IRS has a massive backlog of mail because of limited workers during the pandemic. Back in June they had an estimated 11 million unopened pieces. I haven't been able get my transcript too. If you don't have the transcript, you have to include the 1040, w-2, and 1099.
  8. I'm also working on submitting the I-864. My joint sponsor is submitting all the documents you have listed above. My joint sponsor is married and files taxes jointly with their spouse, so I am having the spouse fill out an I-864A and submit their w-2. Some embassy officers will ask to see proof that the spouse knows of the financial commitment.(This isn't always the case, but I have seen many others recommend having the document.) Tax return/Tax transcripts: You only need to provide one or the other. There is no need for both. Uploading documents: The documents should be uploaded in separate files. When you add documents to CEAC, there is a menu to indicate the type of document (w-2, passport, tax return, etc.).
  9. Thanks for sharing! I never got a response from Ask NVC and finally called, after about 40 days of waiting. Called on a Monday right at 7am and waited 15-20 minutes to speak with someone. The representative I spoke with seemed familiar with the issue and put a note on my case for a supervisor to look at. I never had to submit anything through Ask NVC again and was simply told to keep an eye on my email. I never got an email about the issue, but the AOS payment status changed to "paid" two days later. If you submit an inquiry through ask NVC and don't get any response, I highly suggest calling. A few hours stuck waiting on the phone beats weeks of waiting for a response or update.
  10. We were hoping to file this month but have hit a bit of a snag in the process. The IV fee is paid, but the AOS fee has been "in process" since June 29th. I submitted an inquiry through "Ask NVC" with a screen shot of my bank statement that shows the money was taken out last week, but still no response yet. I can't access the AOS until that registers as paid. I was wondering how long it took others for the fee to process and show as "paid?"
  11. The issue is still occurring. I paid the fees, and the money was taken out of my account 1 week ago. The IV fee is "paid" and the AOS is still "in process." I sent an inquiry through "Ask NVC" with a screenshot of my bank statement as suggested, but I'm not feeling confident that they will respond soon. The CEAC website has had a notice on the login page about scheduled maintenance on July 11th, and today it's changed to July 18th. They don't say what the update is exactly, but I hope it's a fix for this issue.
  12. The documents you have should be okay. We only had one document for "proof of joint residence" plus two letters of support, a wedding invite copy, pictures of our relationship and trips taken together, screen shots of our messages, and shots of social media announcing our engagement (and other correspondence) with family.
  13. My case was transferred from Nebraska to Vermont on Feb. 23rd. The last update I has was May 1st. My PD is Sep. 25, 2019. Seeing all these people getting approved is giving me hope that I'll get a response soon.
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