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  1. We just got our interview appointment email last night! Scheduled for June 14th. I know another person who got DQ at the beginning of March for CR1 and also got an appointment for June. So it is taking around 2-3 months to get the appointment.
  2. Hi guys, Wondering if anyone is waiting for an interview at the US embassy in Seoul? Hubby got DQ for CR1 on 02/25/2021 and we haven't heard anything from NVC after that. I know the embassy is backlogged. Just searching for any information to hopefully get some idea of when we might get an appointment. TIA🙂
  3. Wondering if anyone can help guide me in the correct way to upload tax documents for the joint sponsor and household member on CEAC. My mother filed I-864 as my joint sponsor and step-dad filed I-864A as her household member. They filed taxes jointly. I'm confused about how to upload their tax return documents (they don't have a tax transcript). I uploaded each part of the tax return under the joint sponsor. After that: 1. Should I upload both my mom's and my step-dad's W-2s under the joint sponsor, since both W-2s tied to that tax return? 2. Should I upload the same joint tax return and both of their W-2s under the household member as well? Any help is appreciated.
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