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  1. Hi Hank, I agree with you .. thank you so much for always helping us. Big hug!
  2. Hi, we have the same situation here. We got our DQ notice last Oct 4 (After we received notice of completed and accepted Documents from NVC since July 15, 2019 without DQ email) and when I called NVC they said our DQ status started Oct 7 - Isn't it hilarious ? And our Priority date is March 1997. And yes the scheduling of Interview is supposed to be first IN - DQ - First out - for interview. Customer service in NVC have the different answers to our questions. And they are very irritated to answer inquiries related to interview time frame from the time of DQ I am also very stress, anxious and most of the time can't sleep in the night due to what is going on with the Interview Schedule but I think what we can do now is to pray and wait.. Trust God, have faith All the best and please keep us posted.
  3. Hi, in our case, they reviewed all our documents in one go based from the last documents we uploaded. It took 3 weeks, so make sure you uploaded all necessary documents in one shot to avoid delays like what happened to our papers. And take note everytime they ask for an additional documents it will take another 3 weeks again for them to update you.
  4. Congratulations! I am so happy for you and your wife. Wishing her all the best on Tuesday for her interview. Hoping and praying that they will give us the interview date at least, so I can plan to file a leave and book my flight to Philippines soon as ticket is getting more expensive .
  5. We have the same situation. Actually our documents has been completed and accepted by NVC since July 15, 2019. October 1 - DS260 was re-opened, October 3 - DS260 submitted and was accepted automatically and October 4 - we received DQ notice - Until now (October 17) we are still waiting for the interview date...
  6. Hi, I think you have to open your CEAC and review if you have a message. If so, you have to submit the required documents as per their advise. If you cannot find any message, better call NVC asap (eastern time from 7 A.M. -12 midnight) and ask to clarify the case.
  7. Our documents was completed and accepted by the NVC this July 2019 but there was no message at all. I called NVC to find out our status, what happened why no email and it seems that we are not yet in the queue for the interview schedule. She said she will forward the case to her supervisor and if they will see that we have completed the documents and they accepted it they email us. Should I get worry now with what is going on in our case? Last checked was today Sept 28, 2019 and our Visa Status is still at NVC. 60 days passed, almost three months now and no single message from them. Please advice. Thank you.
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