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  1. I'm getting ready to send my application for ir1 visa to iv unit Bangkok. My packet 3 instructions State: "submit original and photocopies of the following documents " Passport, birth certificate, name change and marriage certificate. Do I mail the original documents stated above to the embassy? Or just mail photocopies..... And my wife brings the originals with her to her interview?
  2. Thank you. I find that the US embassy bangkok website is a little unclear. I'm not sure if I have to mail all my documents to them or just make a appointment and my wife personally gives them during interview.
  3. Thank you very much. I will continue as you instructed. We have all documents from affidavits of suport and cival documents but have to wait 1 more weak for poloce certificate. I have not read your link but does my wifeI just bring the documents to the embassy or mail? And the fee just give to US embassy cashier desk? I would rather have my wife give in person than trust thai post with sensitive documents espsaly joint-sponsor afadavit.
  4. We applied 2 days before uscis stopped excerpting new petitions . Now aproved after 30 days. So I have to deal with embassy direct?? I have no idea if it is dfc... I filled and completed ds-260 and completed on ceac and printed out confirmation page. When I check my status it says ready if have all documents. I don't know if i wait for nvc or make appointment
  5. I'm sorry but I'm confused with the past tense words you are using... "completed " I still need to complete upload. "paid" I have not paid it is n/a at ceac online website I need to "pay" can not yet
  6. My wife is applying for ir-1 visa. So we are a bit confused if ds-2001 and GSS forms and what i posted above. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I already have my petition aproved with uscis Bangkok and recieved aproval letter. And got email IV instruction package with letter from Imagrant visa us embassy bangkok with my BNKcase#. I was able to fill out ds-260 with ceac. Thats it. Can not pay fee it says n/a... Do I have to send a ds-2001 to say I'm ready to start ceac to give documents and i-864? I'm confused about this ds-2001 when I do it and where i send it or just fill and give it
  8. I'm living in Thailand and petitioned for my wife at uscis Bangkok. We just got a email from Imagrant visa branch US embassy bankok with our letter and package 3 to follow the next steps. In the letter it has our case #. Will we receive another email giving us a id# and beneficiary id# ? I went to ceac online website and with the case # can log on. But when I enter choose a agent it goes to a "start now". When I click it, there is DS-260 to fill out. My understanding is that I need to choose a agent DS-261 first. Do I need to wait for a email for the other id# ? Also can I start filling out the DS-260?
  9. Thank you for your reply. One more example of assets??? Using 4 cars as assets should I put all 4 in 1 pdf file? And also a house as a asset. Should I add the house to the same file as the cars and lable it as assets?
  10. When scanning documents to a pdf file to upload to nvc. How should I scan multiple documents to a file? Example: my wife has 3 documents for name change.... 1. Surname change 2. Midle name added 3. First name change Do I put all 3 in a single pdf? Or each individual name change in it's own pdf file?
  11. My joint sponsor only filled 24a in part 6 with his transcripts and other tax documents. He didn't fill in 24 b and c just blank. I mentioned this and he interpreted the instructions as 24 b and c are optional but 24a must be filled. And said that the previous 2 tax years are not as impressive as last tax year and current income.
  12. Do Translations of marriage certificate need to be originals from the translator? Or can they be copies? For the i-130 I ask because because they want single side copies of original. But my translations are double sided.
  13. Thank you for your help! I appreciate it. One last silly question Should I add my wife's thai birth certificate? I'm all ready putting her passport copy and her name change documents.
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