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  1. We already had a interview appointment Jan 6 2020. But had to postpone because hospital required 1year wait after tb treatment. Embassy said can reschedule interview date after medical exam is completed wich may be late Feb or early march. I'm wondering if somehow the hospital can do the exam a couple of months earlier. The hospital goes off of the cdc rules. I was trying to search of any rules pertains to pregnancy and leaniancy. After all her xray shows scar tissue but her sputum test was negative. After 6 months of antibiotics for precaution her end lab results conclude scar tissue on lung not from tb.
  2. Is there anything we can do with the hospital or embassy to expedite the exam? Most airlines have rules for pregnant women flying when close to due date.
  3. 4 more months our 1 year wait will be complete and can go to start sputum test which will be all done late Feb 2021. But now my wife is pregnant and really want the baby to be born in the US. Is there anything we can do with the hospital or embassy to expedite the exam?
  4. My wife had to postpone embassy interview because of medical exam. December 2019 my wife went to get embassy medical exam but her xray shows abnormal scaring and was taking TB medicine. The hospital said she had to wait 1year after tb treatment. Jan9 she can get a new medical exam after sputum test. Now we are 1 month pregnant. We want to have the baby in the US but are concerned about the waiting time for medical exam and reschedule of embassy interview. That it may be to late to fly from Thailand to US.
  5. My wife has her embassy appointment Jan 6 2020 at Thailand. She went to get her medical certificate but the Dr did not approve. 5 months ago my wife had to see a Dr because her xray shows a spot on lung. She did tb tests and lab was negative but Dr put her on antibiotics for tb as a percotion. So now her Dr said it is scar tissue not tb. But yesterday the embassy aproved Dr said they can't give certificate to go to US on IR1 visa till 1 year after medicine is completed. We don't know what to do. We have been aproved all the way to interview date but we can't get medical certificate. We are afraid we will lose our opertunaty and have to start again.
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