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  1. Date of interview is 28th May ! Just around the corner .
  2. Yes It was E-medical and was sent to Embassy during my first INterview on 10th Feb, 2021. So it is always valid for six months and will expire on 5th august, 2021. secondly, DS-260 is not open for updation/change, and we are unable to make any changes/update, then how they are asking for updated DS260 Aand medical report. thanks
  3. I had all my original documents at my first interview . after looking into , they gave me back. Yes my medical was on 5th FEB 2031 ' also e medical & sent to embassy. So all their demand seems irrelevant to me.
  4. My first interview was 10th February , and was refused with seeking additional information . My first interview went very well. I dont know why did they refuse. But put me undrr 221G. I received one email for reoath and fingerprints and then intervew rescheduled with asking some additional documents and passport.
  5. Dear members! After 70 days in AP/ refusal , first embassy asked to visit for reoath & fingerprints , then send an email with asking for some original documents, and passport, which is kept by the embassy at first interview. Also asked for medical test which is just 3 months old , and updated Ds260 , which is already closed. So not sure what is happening ? Does anyone has somewhat similar situation ?
  6. Our interview is yet to be scheduled . so we are documentarily qualified since 14th May 2020. Lets hope it is completed soon enough.
  7. sorry for late response. there were many mistakes made by their intern in DS-260 form submission and it was an awful experience of making over dozen of mistakes. But attorney made a letter of corrections to the NVC by highlighting these mistakes and corrections and stating that these mistakes were occurred by them unintentionally.
  8. Hi All, My husband is immigrating from Pakistan to the U.S., hopefully in the next couple of months, fingers crossed and lots of prayers. Thankfully our paperwork we submitted to the NVC was approved so, now we're waiting for the embassies to open back up for his visa interview to be scheduled. As we prep for his visa interview, we have noticed a few people had questions about their previous marriages during their visa interviews. One alarming trend is visa interviewers asking for proof of previous marriage besides the divorce certificate. Our questions are: 1.) Why would the interviewers ask for further evidence, is there something in the case that may flag this? 2.) How did you answer these questions (did you have photos, affidavits, etc.)? 3.) Would you recommend having more evidence, besides a divorce certificate, for a previous marriage? Our concern is that my husband only has a divorce certificate as proof for his previous marriage. His first marriage was an unhappy one, they took no photos together, and the wedding was more of a tribal/religious ceremony with no paperwork being filed, we truly only have the divorce certificate as evidence. We are debating whether or not to gather some of the attendees and the mullah who presided over the previous marriage to write an affidavit for my husband to take to the interview. We want to make sure we cover all bases, this probably seems like small peas in the grand scheme of a visa interview but, you never know. Would love advice from folk's who experienced this themselves. Thank you!
  9. I agree. Lawyers concentration is very low on individual case. They don't care about your miseries of long distanced relationship and pain you go through. They are just there to see their $$. Our experience has been not very good so far.
  10. Nope, its online submission not in hard form/copies. So there is no question of print or signing the application. but the lawyer should have given us opportunity to review before its submission. Thanks
  11. Yes, I agree, I hope they do this time. But you never Know. Due to COVID, they may or may not. Hope for the best. Thanks, I will
  12. Dear aphrOdite, your comments made my day. It is very nice of you for your well wishes to have some moral support in the COVID isolation. Empathy does wonders. Stay safe. God bless you.
  13. Dear user555, nope they are charging us $3500. but their work is more frustrating rather than a relief. carelessness at their best. Thank you so much for sharing this resource . We will try. Thanks
  14. Dear NikLR, Thank you for your suggestions. it is a worth try to make the things right now.
  15. Dear VJ Family, I am nervous while sharing that my attorney submitted the DS-260, but when i reviewed it , there were almost a dozen errors/mistakes they made into DS260" as follows: -Mistakes in previous marriage divorce dates. -Mistakes in residence addresses. -Mistakes in schools attendance dates. -Mistakes in passport issuance & ending dates. -Mistakes in showing me over-staying for 2 month in US , after finishing training, which I stayed for 1 months and thats allowed to J-1 visa holders. -Mistake in Visa refusal question. Instated of saying "Yes" she said "NO." -Current job nature: "Fiance" instead of Finance. -Wrong name of degrees/diplomas I am not sure what to do, the attorney said they will write a letter to NVC for 2-3 important corrections to make e.g. visa refusal, last marriage annulment dates, or not over staying in US etc but will leave the rest of the mistakes as raising others could murky the water for the officer looking over your application. GOD , help us. Please give us your valuable input/suggestion. PEACE & LOVE
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