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  1. Thanks. We would like to apply now not in march 2020 . Current wait time is 1 month. My question is regarding 6month residence not the field office itself which is still accepting DCF as they noted today
  2. USCIS field office is in Johannesburg where I live (listed on the USCIS website)
  3. Thanks for the reply. The residency DCF option has timelines and application at the johannesburg uscis field office listed on the uscis website I enquired today so I believe it is available in south Africa . Where did you see otherwise?
  4. My husband is a US citizen and also holds south african citizenship. We are both south African born and he has recently become a citizen after naturalizing from a green card. He has properties in USA and SA, files taxes in both countries , has a car in SA and has a business in SA. He has been in USA for the last 7 months. If he returns to SA must we wait for 6 months of physical presence to apply for DCF or can we apply sooner. I've noticed there is a difference often between residence and physical presence but I'm confused by the 6month residency. Thanks:)
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