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  1. Well the second B-2 attempt, she booked the tour group and the tour agency told her to say she did not know anyone in the US. During the interview, they definitely checked back to our first visa attempt (it was going well, then the interviewer left for 10 min, came back, denied her) when we simply told them we were in a relationship and they denied. That's my main concern with your response about us lying, because yes she did technically lie the second time when she was asked if she knew anyone in the US.
  2. Is it a problem that I have only known my girlfriend for 8 months, almost 9 before applying for the K-1? We are planning to get engaged at the end of November this year. I had read somewhere that we should have been seeing each other for a minimum of 2 years.
  3. I met my girlfriend in February of this year while working together on a cruise ship in Asia. She's Thai, I'm a US Citizen and I just recently returned from visiting her and her family in Thailand. I wish I had found this forum before to get some more info about tourist B2 visas and more. We originally tried two different ways and failed both times for the B2 visa. The first time we just tried as boyfriend/girlfriend and that of course failed. And the most recent time she purchased a tour and was trying to go along with a tour group to the US and that also failed. So we had already talked about getting engaged/married and we have both agreed that getting the K1 visa is the best and only option for us at this point. I was hoping to get some advice on if anyone thinks there might be any issues obtaining the K1 Visa because of the 2 failed previous B2 attempts? We will have plenty of evidence to show for the K1 Visa in terms of pictures and messages and what not, so my only major concern right now is the history of failed attempts. But any and all advice is appreciated. Also does anyone recommend using third-party help like paying for a visa coach or attorney?
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