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  1. IT'S been a month now and I still dont have my Social security number. They said it's supposed to be 2 to 3 wks only. I badly needed it for work purposes. Any one here had the same experience? Im here in Las Vegas Nevada. My entry is K1 visa. Thank u for anyone who replies.
  2. So um... should i just push thru with this current vaccination record i have for my adjustment of status? and will probably wait if there is (I HOPE NOT) request for evidence regarding that?
  3. exactly. thats why am confused why when im doingthe Adjustment of Status now they want me to submit that ds 3025....I mean that is all in the sealed envelope and i dont have a copy of it
  4. Hello, question...Im a Philippine citizen who did her K1 FIANCE VISA PROCESS in Saudi Arabia (because I work there) and then came to the US directly from there just recently after my K1 VISA has been approved. Now after marriage we are doing the adjustment of status. Now one of the requirements is a medical exam- DS 3025 thing. I arrived here in the US with the sealed packet and of course the immigration officer will take it right? I dont have any other records of that DS 3025 THING, that OLAYA MEDICAL COMPLEX( where I did my medical exam in Saudi Arabia) ONLY GAVE ME A PIECE OF PAPER THAT SAYS VACCINATION SHEET but i dont know if this is acceptable...PLEASE HELP ME IM EFFIN Stressed lol I mean why should i DO another medical exam when I just did it recently not even a year yet. march 2019???
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