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  1. @luckycuds. I am sorry if I was some harsh. @geowrian After graduation, my starting salary will be in 6 figures hopefully. I am specifically talking about current situation. Should I drop Medicaid now or after I get the job? Will it make sense if I do it now?
  2. Well I am well over 21. I am just asking that Medicaid use by me can affect my parent's case or not? According to Public charge rule by DHS, only beneficiary use of public benefits will be considered. Will same rule apply to Department of state as well? @Luckycuds How I am going to take care of my parents health insurance after immigration is my headache,not yours.
  3. Hello guys I have been using Medicaid as I am full time student in college. Will this prove as negative as I am going to sponsor my parent soon?Should I drop Medicaid and take private insurance now or when I graduate and get my insurance through employer? Need honest and serious opinions please
  4. Can anybody tell me how to change address as petitioner? I can find no option online in USCIS account.
  5. Thanks for he detailed answer. But how to show ability of paying is my question. Should I get quotes and writing a letter to embassy that my income is such and such and I can pay these?
  6. I am talking in the sense that you can show the immigration officers by purchasing insurance that you can support your parents.
  7. Since many parents are being denied due to not having medical insurance, I have decided to get insurance for my mother. Can you tell me any company that can give her insurance without being in USA yet? I have asked Blue cross blue shield but they say applicant should be in the USA to get insurance. My question is how parents will get insurance before the time of interview?
  8. That is exactly my query. ALL applicants should undergo the same rules instead of just dividing them by WITHIN and OUTSIDE category
  9. That is not correct. DHS rule was to be implemented from today but it has been blocked. But DOS rule is going to be implemented from today
  10. I know this but my question was that if the judge can block the ruling for those who apply from WITHIN USA then why not for those who apply from OUTSIDE?
  11. Judges have blocked Trump's public charge rule adopted by DHS , but astonishingly it is being implemented by Department of state. I wonder why is this so? Rules should be same for everyone. right?
  12. To OP. I do not think its really helpful in a forum to ask about chances , no body knows what will happen at interview. I remember some months ago on this forum, a guy who was a doctor working in USA, he asked chances about his mom's approval. The same persons (@Boiler, @missileman etc)were scaring him that even a doctor might not afford the healthcare of his mom. I think it is useless to ask here. Just apply and see. Good luck
  13. Hello. Congrats on your parents approval. I am really worried about public charge for my mom. Can you please guide me how much income did you show or household income?How old are your parents? and what do you think helped you?


  14. Classic example of unpredectability. A young person of 30 can be injured and be put a' burden on USA tax payers'.............
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