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  1. I have the same question. My mom is widow and alone in home country. I am her only child. Can I expedite her case?
  2. To give an update, I called NVC . The lady told me that this case is DQed and is in line for interview. She also said that for some reason, this glitch sometimes happen in CEAC. Last week, I got reply from ASK NVC and that explained the same thing
  3. Does anyone know what DQ dates are being interviewed IR5 cases in Islamabad?
  4. ljmp_10 I initially submitted in October last year but got RFE in January. So I resubmitted in mid january
  5. Nice to hear from you. So Should I just ignore that? By the way I just did ASK NVC.
  6. I got an email yesterday that my mother's case has been Documentarily Qualified. When I logged into CEAC, it also says DOCUMENTARLIY QUALIFIED in messages. But some hours later, it says one document is missing in Civil Documents. Even though that document has been uploaded and accepted . What does that mean? Did anyone have issue with this?
  7. Just an update My parent case has been documentarily qualified. PD was Jan 11 2021
  8. Yeah. Since there are not of IR5 cases in this forum, so we do not have any idea about what is happening at Islamabad embassy about IR5 interviews
  9. Unfortunately it takes the same time when it was reviewed first. In short, you again go back in the queue
  10. Congratulations. When did you submit everything? My mom's priority date is Feb1 2021
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