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  1. Just ask for „Live Agent“ and then select the Type of selection you want to talk about
  2. Hi everybody, just a quick question. what is the „Timeline“ (I know it’s Hard to say) but what are your experiences from the time they received your response for additional Information for expediting until you see another change in the process? May 26th: I called USCIS to expedite I-765 May 27th: Got email for more Information I faxed them evidence on the same day May 28th: Case update: Repsonse for additional Information was received.
  3. The ASC will resume Services later. So I guess no Biometrics for now.
  4. You can ask Emma for an Live Agent and she will connect you to a USCIS Representative and with a Little Bit of luck he/she can give you your receipt numbers if your forms are already in the system. That’s how I got my receipt numbers too .
  5. Hi everybody, wanted to share my timeline bc I got my receipt numbers today from the live agent via USCIS Live Chat Packet send: 04/27/20 Delivered: 04/28/20 Received Receipt Numbers: 05/21/20 I am adjusting from VWP and changing from Consular Processing to AOS
  6. Yap 👋🏻 Same here... I (I.e my lawyer)send it on 27th with overnight express and it arrived on April 28th .. nothing yet
  7. Hi everybody.. i just wanted to see if anybody who filed late April also didn’t got their NOA 1 yet? we filed I-485 with an approved I-130 (we had to change from Consular Processing to AOS) and it was received April 28th by the Chicago Lockbox with the Signature by J. Chyba. i know it’s not 30 days yet but kind of starting worrying.
  8. Keep me updated if you receive the NOA 1 , I’ll do the same
  9. That makes me hope, that we will get our NOA1 soon. we did send our Forms (485,765,131) in April 27th, lockbox received it with signature on April 28th...
  10. Hi there... as for the wait time, don’t worry. I also filed I485 with an already approved I-130 on April 27th, received with signature April 28th and we didn’t got NOA yet too ... hopefully it will arrive soon.
  11. Hi everybody, I just want to know your opinion on this one. I did send an expedite request on March 10th and got a email back on the 17th saying that due to the COVID-19 they are unable to forward my expedite request. Did somebody experience the same? Shouldn't they forward the request (because embassies are open for emergency cases) Thanks for all your replies. (CR-1)
  12. Hi everybody, Just a quick update on the change of Interview Location. I wrote the embassy where I want my Interview at and explained that there is a mistake and withing one day (I wrote them Friday and got the response this morning) , I got my new Case number and new Location.
  13. Hi there sorry for the late reply. so I called them and they said I need to send it through the public inquiry form on their website. But what the lady did was changing my address in the system over the phone. im still waiting for a response from them. Thinking about calling them today again and ask about it.
  14. Hi everybody, I just got my Welcome letter and saw that my nvc case number states that my location would be in Canada, I was studying in Canada last year but now am back in germany again and in the Petition we choose Germany as the Embassy location. Would it be a problem, to do the interview in canada or do I need to call nvc and change the location? Thank you so much for your help
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