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  1. Chantel

    CFO for IR-5

    Thank you again Greenbaum 😍
  2. Chantel

    CFO for IR-5

    Is CFO needed by my Father? His interview this coming week. Thanks VJ'ers
  3. Chantel

    Sputum Test asking appointment letter

    Yesterday was his 2nd day taking the sputum test and they still asked for the letter. His interview was way past it was on May 2. He's done with the initial medical process. Sputum Test are on a 3 day process. Hopefully the NVC email is enough then and not give a BS reason to ask for the original copy.
  4. Chantel

    Sputum Test asking appointment letter

    How about the interview letter? Would that be acceptable?
  5. Chantel

    Sputum Test asking appointment letter

    Thank you for the quick reply Greenbaum
  6. Hi all, so my Father is in Manila right now for a 3 day sputum test collection but then there's a green note stapled on the white paper that says to bring his appointment letter. They didn't bring it with them. My sister only have a copy of the interview appointment letter which NVC emailed it to me. Would that be enough? Is that the correct paper? Otherwise they have to go back to the province and it's 8 hours one way through bus