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  1. Chantel

    Bring a child to US of A

    Great! Thank you. So then the child can just apply for a US Passport when he gets here am I correct?
  2. Chantel

    Riding Motorbike in Davao City

    My husband would want to try to ride a motorcycle sometime when we go back. He always talk about it, too bad we are from the North, Baguio specifically. I heard they are more strict now, would that mean you have to have your own Philippine License?
  3. Chantel

    Bring a child to US of A

    I’m asking for a friend, is it better to be a US Citizen first to bring a child here under 21 yrs old rather than just a green card holder? Will the child be a US citizen right away once the child arrive or does my friend need to apply for a naturalization for her child?
  4. Chantel

    CFO for IR-5

    Thank you again Greenbaum 😍
  5. Chantel

    CFO for IR-5

    Is CFO needed by my Father? His interview this coming week. Thanks VJ'ers